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Title:[Letter] 1823 Mar. 10, Cairo, Tennessee [to] Almira Winchester, New Orleans, Louisiana / NBW : a machine readable transcription of an image

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: March 10, 1823
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter dated March 10, 1823 to Almina Winchester in New Orleans, Louisiana. The author of the letter is most likely a sister or brother who signs it with the abbreviations NBW. The content of the letter serves to update Winchester on the status and conditions of her family in Cairo, Tennessee while she has been away.
Collection:James Winchester Papers

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March the 11th 1823Esteemed Almina,

The times are very good here and all goes on with peace and harmony except the occasional [unclear: bursts ]of Louisa's Temper which like the [unclear: halituous ] of Mt [Mount] Etna, scatter dread and [unclear: menacing ] [added: destruction] on the surrounding objects. I am the only one who makes any spirited opposition, every thing else yielding before her. Your departure (as you will suppose) has considerably diminished the number of our visitors; either because Eze's accomplishments are not well known, on the fear of an eruption, keeps those at a distance who would lay siege to her heart. D.L. has spent one day with us since you left here, subsequent to which were our guests have been few. Ensure as many Beaux as you can, for you are likely to lose those you left behind Mr. Trousdale and Mr [Mister] Sanders are both to be married in a very short time. I find from your letter to father and mother, in which you have attempted to describe your disappointment in the appearance of the City and manners of the inhabitants, that you are not much pleased with either. Val is the same selfimportant [self-important] personage as ever, never opposing those who would lead him by the nose, except where he is aroused and his dormant passions are brought into action, there as usual, every one gets out of his way as fast as they can some days since Miss Greene paid a visit to the family at the fort, which failed not to set the house in an uproar. The Hall of course displayed to her wandering eyes all its magnificence and splendor, which were highly improved by the arrangements of the mat handed Louisa. Fortunately for me, by absence, I missed the chance of heaving, beholding, and__

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admiring that being who is endowed with those charms which fail not to delight the [unclear: enraptured ] Lu [Louisa]; who (to his sorrow no doubt) has got his face much disfigured by a fall from a horse Hellen and James have commenced active operations under the superintendence of mr [mister] Williams; Helen goes on in the same monotonous way as usual, not having made as yet any extraordinary display of genius. Jim who might have done well has acquired such habits of laziness that nothing can excite him. Having by this time pretty well exhausted my stave, which, [unclear: bye the bye ] I have been collecting ever since your departure, and [added: having] searched the dictionary in vain for another hard word, I have come to the determination of telling you some thing concerning myself. since you departed hence. I have been a kind of solitary not having much intercourse with anyone. Your absence has deprived me of the pleasure of engaging often in my favorite game of backgammon, of which I have played but one or two hits. The fear of fatiguing my own self particularly, and some little consideration for your patience caution me to forbear


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[added: Caroline, I write this in order to thank you for the valuable consignment directed to me, and to free your mind from any uneasiness by assuring you that the floors are scoured once a week at least, and that Val cleans his feet well at the door. you will be glad to hear I suppose that father is having the walk in front of the house curbed and graveled. The books in the great book case [added: are] as you left them I believe, none having been removed, but what were again replaced. I would be very much pleased at your return, if you would [unclear: truly ] keep your tongue between [added: your] teeth when you get here. Mother says it is not worth while for her to say much as you will hear all the news from other persons But she wishes that after the ball is [gap] of which you speak that you would come home as she has been uneasy, for fear of an accident ever since you left home she also desires that you will kiss all the children for her and take care of them on your way up the river. Yours NBW P.S. If the flats are very cheap you may procure [unclear: her ] one.]

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Cairo T [Tennessee]
March 11 [added: 25]
Miss Almina Winchester New Orleans

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