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Title:Voucher No. 3, 1798 Sep. 5 [to] William Mizell : a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: September 5, 1798
Extent: 2 p
Summary:The following document is a voucher dated September 5, 1798, for William Mizell. Mizell served as interpreter for the Chickasaw Bluffs and was to be paid 369 dollars and 02 cents for his services.
Collection:Goodman Collection

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The United States

To William Mizell — — — — — — — [unclear: Dr. ]
dollr. [dollars] cents
To his services as Interpreter for the Post at the Chickasaw Bluffs , and that nation— from the 1st of May to the 31st of August —98— at one dollar pr. [per] day ― 123― "
To subsistence for same period at 2 ration pr. [per] day — 17.Cents — 41 ―02
To one Bay horse furnished for the use of the Qmaster [Quarter master ] Department & for the purpose of Express riding ― 55 ― "
To Six Beefs— for the use of the Chickasaw Indians — and for the use of the sick in the Hospital of the Detach. [Detachment] of troops descending the Mississippi under the orders of Genl. [General] Wilkinson — 150 — "
Total — 369 — 02 —
The Quartermaster will discharge the above Account —

Received at the Chickasaw Bluffs 5th. September 1798 — Of John Wilkins Junr. [Junior] Quartermaster General — Three hundred & sixty nine dollars [added: 02 Cents] in full —of the account above Stated — Signed duplicates —

William Mizell Interpreter
miscellaneous calculations

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The Qr. Mr. [Quarter Master] will [unclear: examine ] the written amt. [amount], discharge the same & plan to the proper Hand

[unclear: Jamie Kinson ]
[added: 1004 Voucher No. 3
William Mizell's Excerpt
for 369 dollars 02 Cents
A. 1440
5th. Septbr [September] 1798

Ind dept. [Indian Department]
miscellaneous numbers and calculations

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