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Title:[Letter] 1819 Sep. 13, Choctaw Nation, Pigeon Roost [to] Reverend W. Elias Cornelius, Andover, Mass[achusetts] / David Folsom : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Folsom, David

This work is the property of the Memphis Public Library, Memphis, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Memphis Public Library, 3030 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111

Date: September 13, 1819
Extent: 3 p
Summary:The following document is a letter, dated September 13, 1819, from David Folsom of the Choctaw Nation to Reverend Elias Cornelius in Andover, MA. Folsom writes in reference to an inquiries made by the United States government about a possible exchange of money for land within the Choctaw Nation. Folsom also describes plans to build a new missionary school in Yello Busha. At the close of the document, the obituary of David Folsom is attached. Folsom fought with the US army against the Creeks during the Creek War and he served as a chief of the Choctaw Nation from 1826 to 1830. He was one of the Choctaw leaders responsible for the treaty which removed the Choctaw Nation to Oklahoma.
Collection:Goodman Collection

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Choctaw Nation Pigeon Roost Sept. [September]13th. 1819
Dear Sir,

With much pleasure I take the liberty to write you you fiw [few] lines— I will say to you on this, and inform you that perticulars [particular] of what it has been past [passed] now in Law month back in the Nation. The [unclear: throught ] by by Genl. A. [General Andrew] Jackson the Govenment disiries [Government desires] to obtain the sense of the Nation wether [whether] any part or the hole [whole] of the Nation would Exchange lands with U. [United] States or not, and on the consequance [consequence] of it. the Agent send John Pitchlynn the interpretor [interpreter] for this Nation, throught [throughout] the Nation, and Explane [Explain] the Govenment [Government] wanting to exchange land with us, And at the same time the Nation ordered a General Council to be held which it was done. And I belive [believe] to a men was a poise to in regard of Exchange. And I think I can say on a show [unclear: Ground ] that Choctaws never will agree to spare Exchange land and at the same time at that Council, the people gave for the benefit of school at Yollo [Yello] Busha — [unclear: nealy ] 85 Cows & Calves, and some money Mr. Jewell was out in Collecting those Cows & Calves have been given to that School. he collect 53 Cows & Calves and 2 stears [steers] and yoke of oxen was lent to work at the Establishment. I did help myself yesterday and went with Mr Jewell 5 or 6 miles on his way to Yollo [Yello] Busha with those Cattles. and he will git [get] more betwen [between] this and to the Establishment. as people have [unclear: poramis [promised] ] to aid for the good of School. I have gave myself 53 $ and 2 Cows and Calves and one steare [steer] for the benefit of School at Yoll. [Yello] Busha and maney [many] more have, and will, follow the same Exampble [Example]— You will understand that there is three Destrict [District] in the Choctaw Nation, and [added: I] did now in five days ago attend a Council in one of the Destrict [district], called North East Destrict [District], And in that Council, the Chiefs and Warriors have

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have findilly agreeed [finally agreed] to appropriate Tan [Ten] thousand Dollars per Year, for 17 years this money is a anualy [annually] due this Destrict [District] up to 17 years from the U. [United] States— For which money this N.E. [North East] Destrict [District] will give in aid[added: ing] the School to If [added: the] Bord [Board] will ennact [enact] a School in this Destrict [District]— The U. [United] States Agent will I hope will help us forwarding this school. As the Council depend on him to aid us all he can. however he has not as Yet Recived [Received] information to write on, on this subgect [subject] , as he was not at the Council—

Dear friend you will understand, that your good people of the North have leads us to the edge of great good of white path. and we Red people have [unclear: lession ] an to you, good Council and me. Choctaws have discovered the day light approgeing [approaching] for us good. by takeing [taking] your Council. You have treated us with kindness you have been our guide and Father.

Now lead us [added: on] in this white path. that we may find the great joy and happiness, as you do— We are anxious for more school in our Nation— all our hope and hole confidience [whole confidence] is in your good people to save us. We are looking for help from [added: you] as a helpless Child would Crying to their father to have pitty [pity] on them. The health of our beloved Missionarys [Missionaries] at Yollo [Yello] Busha are good.

Please to write me as offen [often] as you can as I never had the honor of Reciving [Receiving] any letter from you sense [since] you Wrote me at Philadelphia —

I am your true friend and humble servant
David Folsom
Rev. [Reverend] W. Elias Cornelius

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[added: 25]

Chickasaw Agency [added: Andover [added: ford] Nor25 ] [unclear: Oct ] 30Rev. [Reverend] Elias Cornelius Andover Mass. [Massachusetts]
[added: Mail }]

[added: Death of an Old Warrior.—Col [Colonel] David Folsom, a highly respectable citizen of the Choctaw Nation, died at his residence on the 24th ult. [ultimo] The Arkansas Intelligencer says, that in the death of Col. [Colonel] Folsom the Choctaws have lost one of the lights of that Nation, and the Government of the United States a steadfast friend, who has been the same at all times. Col. [Colonel] Folsom has filled every position that a citizen of the Choctaw Nation can fill under the constitution, and by the voice of his countrymen. Col. F. [Colonel Folsom] served as a leader of a party of Choctaw warriors against the Creeks , during the creek war, where his bravery and friendship to the United States rendered him a cherished object of Government favor. He was also under Gen. [General] Jackson at the surrender of Pensacola . He was the untiring advocate of religion and education, and had the high gratification before his death, to witness a moral and intellectual change among his people.
[N. O. Pic. 21st.]

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