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Title:[Petition to abolish slavery] Tennessee, General Assembly : a machine-readable transcription of an image

This work is the property of the Special Collections Library, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: ca. 1800
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is an undated petition to abolish slavery in the State of Tennessee and is signed by seventy five people.
Collection:Petition to Abolish Slavery
Folder: MS-1204

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To the Honorable Senate and house of Representatives of the State of Tennessee Assembled. —

— We your humble petitioners hereunto Subscribed feeling solitcitious [solicitous] to promote the rights of man, as acknowledged and held forth in the Constitution of the United States of America; and [added: the] Declaration of Independence; are Induced to petition your Honourable [Honorable] Body, to take into Consideration the deplorable Situation of the [added: people] of colour [color], who are held in Slavery in this our highly favoured [favored] and high professing Country; and in your wisdom derive Some plan and pass it into a law for the relief, of such, at [unclear] least, as allowing of Masters who are convinced of the Impropriety of holding Slaves; to Emancipate them on terms which would not involve them nor their Estates, for their maintainance [maintenance] &c [et cetera] — provided that the Court Should be of opinion that the Slaves to be Emancipated are in all probability capable of maintaining themselves.—

— And further we would Suggest to you the propriety, the Justice, the good policy, &c [et cetera] of your honorable body passing a law Declaring, agreeable to the purport of our Federal Constitution our bill of rights, and the laws of nature; that all men are, and Should be free, and that, notwithstanding the laws, which have heretofore, Involved so considerable a part of our population in Slavery; That all the descendents of Slaves which may be born after some [added: the] passing of the law, Shall be free, at Some age, which your honourable [honorable] body, Doing as you would be done by, may fix upon; Meanwhile Enjoining on those who may have the raising of such, to teach them Some occupation by which they may get an honest living, And teach them (at least) to read the holy Scripture, and give them reasonable previlege [privilege] of attending meetings for divine worship, and further we — would not Intrude upon your understanding, knowing your Entire Capability of digesting this our petition, and and passing it into a law; For which we humbly pray the author of Justice and willer of right, to Influence your minds— thereunto, —

Names Names
Thomas Lymons James Britton
Hugh [unclear: Leenes ] Olaseh Joseph Beals
godfray Salar William Mchaney
Adam Lowry Isaac Beals
Obediah Givens John Jones
Gideon Marr slave Eli Richey
John McCraken Jr [Junior] Samuel Jones
William Nickel

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Names Names
Thos [Thomas] Ferguson James Robinson
Henry Martain [unclear: SJm Rooss ]
Richard Martain James B. Rodgers
Isaac Slaire Elias Owens
Andrew Duncan Jonas Marsh
John Brown Samuel Grubs
John [unclear: Richard ] John [unclear: Kanedy ]
Jacob Closon Hugh Kanedy
Isaac Smith John Martain
Ezra Devine John Neloose
Henry Marsh William Smith
John Tucker Joseph Duncan Junr [Junior]
Joseph Tucker Caleb Martain
Jacob Taylor John Steam
Jesse Murphey George jinken slave [unclear: h ]
Sam.l [Samuel] [unclear: Greves ] John [unclear: Dupreeve ]
John Greve Jos [Joseph] Duncan Snr [Senior]
Nathel [Nathaniel] Jones Isaac Mulkey
George Pursell Jonathan Mulkey
John Squibb Philemon Lacey
Isaac Keas Henry Haire
George bell , slave h [unclear: John ] Haire
Francis Alexander Abraham Haire
Francis Duncan
Andrew Duncan Samuel Lewis
Nicholas Tucker
Mathew Stephenson slave h John Keas
John B, Estes Jacob Ellis
Jacob Haire Ezekiel Lyon
George Squibb [unclear: lark Olly ] slave L

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Andrew Duncan [unclear: Mosses van sayoc ] Names 75
[added: petition &c [et cetera]]

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[added: Petition to abolish slavery][added: no date]

James [unclear: Cotton ]


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