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Title:[Letter] 1850 Mar. Fork Creek, Tennessee [to] Board of Directors of the Tennessee Consolidated Lead Mining Co. / James V. Lymons : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author: Lymons, James V.

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Date: March 1850
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter dated March 1850 from James Lymons to the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Consolidated Lead Mining Company. Lymons reports on various job sites and the condition of those sites in the East Tennessee area.
Collection:James V. Lymons Letter
Box:New Accessions
Document: sc245

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Fork Creek March1850
To the Board of Directors of the " Tenn [Tennessee] Consold [Consolidated] Lead Mining Co"
Gent [Gentlemen]

In accordance with the instructions received from you, we now send you a report of our proceedings since our arrival in Tenn. on the Gamble and Carter properties

on our arrival here on the 6th Dec [December] we found the shaft had fallen together during the last Summer we immediately proceeded to clear it up, and succeeded in getting to the rock (30 feet) began to put in bearers to support the collar of the shaft when a violent torrent of rain washed it together and filled it here we had a narrow escape having left the shaft only a few hours we then had to spill through it to the rock and finally succeeded in making a good shaft to this place the ground is composed of argillacious [argillaceous] clay_ [unclear: Gehrey ] in appearance_ containing stores of Baryte [Barite] (Sulphate of Baryte) which on breaking sometimes presented stones of Galena (Sulphuret of Lead) this increased at the junction of the clay and rock, which justified our drifting in this place while the rope was being made some 25 feet from which we took out about 2500 ore , 1/3 of which was mineral, we were encouraged by this appearance but meeting with a rock in the breast of the end. we drifted in another direction 20 ft [feet] without finding ore we then proceeded to find the bottom and after many difficulties succeeded, and commenced sinking the shaft, we found the rock a very hard silicious lime stone, interspersed with stones of Sulphate of Baryte enclosing small nodules of Argentiferous Galena which I have [unclear: assuaged ] and found it contains_ _

82 per cent _ _ Lead
40oz Silver per ton

It took us little time to consider, the ground being very hard

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and poor, with no distinct appearance of a Vein_ we quickly concluded to abandon it, as in our opinion___ not worth the risk of further investment____ this [gap] much regret after so many difficulties and hair breadth escapes for our lives but we are faithful to our opinions, and would gladly report better things were we justified in doing So___

By your request Mr Dowding took Father to the Carter lease and found it overflowed with water, and afterward to the Goan lease Jefferson Co [County] , which is near the river and on high grounds, his opinion of it is unfavorourable, though much lead has been smelted off it, yet the mineral is too widely disseminated over the mass of limestone, to be made available he does not recommend an investment there Mr Dowding was taken ill at Knoxville and could not remove but obtained the Lease of the Carter property which was promised the moment we found bottom and reported unfavourably of the [unclear: gamble ] shaft in the mean time we had removed to Carters A description here of the Carter lease is necessary that you may fully understand its position__ the Carter lease is situated on Fork Creek 10 Miles from the Tenn river, the last working was done Mr Carter (since dead) Mr Bell a brother in law and others 25 years since they sunk a shaft 20 feet deep and 12 ft in circumference [added: diameter] on the band of the Creek from which they took about 4 Tons of lead_ the old Lady (Carter) has told as she received 106$ for the Slag from their imperfect smeltings but says their time having expired, and winter having set in,_ they had no means of Keeping out the water on our arrival our first work was to sink a new shaft to drain the water from the old workings, in the first days sinking we came on some lead ore__ one lump weighed 23lbs we almost immediately struck water we then made two [unclear: forcer ] pumps of & 5 inches square, the latter is at work,_ and we are drawing about 100 [unclear: Gall ] per minute, the inhabitants are much surprised at this and say we are drawing 20 times

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more water than the old part although equal to any emergency it cannot be expected we should overcome such insuperable difficulties by mere physical force as to make it profitable in the depth of winter but we hope to reach the bottom and if lead is found sufficiently abundant to justify the erection of a small engine or a water power in the Creek (which we believe practical) we do not doubt it would meet with your hearty concurrence, 3 months hence we should heed no other power than we now command, but this is a long time to want unless you put us on the copper or other property when one of us could return to it, we all believe in the abundance of mineral in this place_ we have been sufficiently low to see the lode in the side of the shaft it is composed of Quartz Feldspar, Sulphate of Baryton, and a very fine yellow Argillaceous clay with lead ore they are all favourable for lead and the ground is easily broken they have been doubly paid for all the work they have done as you will [unclear: percure ] mean while we are toiling hard to reach bottom and report with certainty we shall await your instructions and act accordingly hoping you will be renumerated tenfold for all your investments in Tenn_ which can be realized (certain) on one property, and believing you will trust implicitly and with confidence in the judgment skill, and integrity of your agents and their unanimous decisions

We are Gent
Your Obedient
faithful Servants
[added: Signed { James V. Lymons John Dowding Wm [William] Lymons Sr Wm U Lymons ]
[added: PS [Post Script] I have written Messr [Misters] [unclear: Congdon ] and Hills, and hope to hear from them]
JVl [James V. Symons]

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Total Cost of labour at Gambles $ 113.72
Total Cost of labour at Carters
to 2nd March
][added: [unclear: Mr Lymons Mar. [March] /50 ]]

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