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Title:[Deposition] 1795 Jun. 2, Knox County Court / [witnessed by] G. Roulstone : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Roulstone, G.

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Date: June 2, 1795
Extent: 1p
Summary:This document is a deposition in a case where John Allen Smith Carrington assaulted George Martins after a verbal dispute.
Collection:Carrington Deposition
Document: sc193

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The Deponant J.A.S [John Allen Smith]. Carrington Happening to Beat George Martins on the Evening of the Seventh of may 95 Where, [added: there] was Samuel Hammons , and Samuel and William McEvine Dworting Themselves for some time, in the water, then Coming in to the house and Beginning with Some Rough Language, Which Consisted of Profaine Swairing [swearing] for which Said Martin Reprid [Reprimanded] them for, which inraged [enraged], William McEvine that he flung out of the House. then Calling Said Martin a Damnd [damned] Weavel Eater of Haskel. and if he had him out of the House he Would Drown him in the River. then Mrs [Misses] martin Coming to the Door Said too William McEvine it would be as good for him to give another Button too a Neagro [Negro] than Come there to quarrel with the old Man. Which was all that Passed

J.A. Harrington
[added: This day personally appeared before me John Allen Smith Carrington , who being duly sworn deposed that the testimony above received is just & true subscribed before me, G Roulstone , Commissioner of affidavits__]

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