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Title:[Letter] 1821 Apr. 13, Knox County, Tennessee [to] John Overton, near Nashville, Tennessee / Charles McClung : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:McClung, Charles

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: April 13,1821
Extent: 3p
Summary:This is a letter dated April 13, 1821 from Charles McClung in Knox County, Tennessee to John Overton near Nashville. The main purpose of the letter is relate his opinion on land acquisition, price appraisal, and use of the land along the Mississippi river.
Collection:Overton Papers

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Knox County April 13th 1821
John Overton Esqr [Esquire]. Dear Sir

your letter relative to Col [Colonel]. Henleys [Henley's] land came to hand in due time, On the receipt of the first on that subject, I wrote to ascertain whether the Col [Colonel]. had came to their country or not, if he had, at what place he was previous to any thing further being done, your second was received, which put a stop to further inquiry,

Yours of 3d. & 6th Instant came to hand yesterday, In answer to that of the 3d. I will state that Uncle Miller contemplated the sale of his Warrant only; To that point alone, the power of attorney was intended, and I was requ requested to state that two dollars per acre in current bank notes was the lowest price that would be receiving I presume no lot was drawn on this Warrant, nor contract made or proposed to be made for locating it, and that it yet remains in the Commissioners Office, Mr [Mister] McMillen lives some distance above Knoxville , is a very old frail man and who I seldom see, I will write to him on the subject, and should he be disposed to have his Warrant located, (which I think he will not) I will [added: several words penciled in throughout letter have been left out]prepare a full power of attorney from him to you, and have it authenticated so as to be admitted to Record, and forward it to you,

The object of Charles's settlement at Courtland is entirely mercantile, with no value of acquiring more real estate than a lot or part of a lot to build a stone house on, We had more capital than could be profitably used here, and the dificulty [difficulty], I may say imposibility [impossibility] of attaining Eastern funds here, has necessitated us to form an establishment some place where Eastern funds can be procured, this we contemplate doing (for both [unclear: Homes ] ) by the purchase of Cotton at Courtland , But were I disposed to purchase lands in that neighbourhood [neighborhood], it could not be done with propriety, or safety, even at the prices given by the original purchasers, with

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the allowance of 37 1/2 per cent for punctual payment being made, which discount could [added: not] be obtained on a transfer of former payments, see proviso to sec [section] 5. at the time the lands in the neighbourhood of Courtland were sold, the land fever, mania or whatever it may be called, had just arrived at its crises, M Corry I have been told gave upwards of fifty dollars per acre for apart of what he purchased, and as high as $107, per acre was given for farming land, many of those lands must revert to the U.S [United States]. and when again sold will in all probability not bring an fourth part of what they had been sold for, In this calculation it is necessary to take into view that the Indian claim is [unclear: extinguished ] to the lands in this state lying between the Tennessee & Mississippi , that the lands in that quarter will in all probability be superior to the lands in the Northern part of Alabama , for the cultivation of Cotton, Climate depends more on elevation or depression of situation, than on lattitude [latitude] then the lands between Tennessee and Mississippi lie lower than the lands above the shoals, a distance equal to the fall of the rivers Tennessee , Ohio , and Mississippi , until you arrive at the point where the lands may lye [lie] on or near the Mississippi , this will in all probability make the lands in the middle of the state north & south, and near the Mississippi , as productive in cotton as the neighbourhood of Huntsville , or Courtland , and were I disposed to acquire real estate, I would prefer this state, to the state of alabama , convenience of Navigation on the Mississippi should also be taken into view, the lands that will be surrendered to the U.S [United States]. are not to be offered for sale for two years after the surrender made, by that time the lands near the Mississippi will in part be in the cultivation of cotton, its productiveness assertained [ascertained], and I have no doubt will be purchased for cotton cultivation, in preference to the other lands, of course in one place the price of land will increase, and the other decrease, by this time you will be tired reading my opinions, I will only add for the information of Polly, that her sister Malinda had a daughter about one month since, which was taken suddenly ill & died on Wednesday night last, we are in usual health. respects to Polly & the children

Your Obd [obediant] Serv [Servant]. Chas [Charles]. McClung

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Knoxville [gap]
paid 18
John Overton Esquire near Nashville W. Tennessee
So 5-3 Charles McClung Apr [April] 13th 1821]

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