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Title:[Letter] 1843 Jun. 28, Nashville, [TN] [to] Sarah B. Woods, Philadelphia, Penn[sylvania] / J[ane] W[oods] : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Woods, Jane

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: June 28, 1843
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter to Sarah Woods from her sister Jane, dated June 28, 1843. Most of the letter is updating Sarah on the activities of the townspeople. Jane also tells Sarah that there is some question as to where Joseph will be spending the fall, if he will be sent away to school, stay with Maria Price, or stay home at Westwood. The death of Henry Stephens is reported. Jane also mentions that people are trying to build a Second Presbyterian Church.
Collection:Wood Family

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Nashville Jun [June] 28th 1843
Dear Sally ,

We have only herd [heard] once from you since you left, and that was from Cincinati [ Cincinnati] , and I was thankfull [thankful] to know you had got that far safe, after having had some alarms on the way I have been out to, Westwood , several times since you left, they seem to be going on very smoothely [smoothly] there, Aunt, Jenny is about looks very well and is attending to matters, and things, Adine was in town all last week and staid with Agness [unclear: Trabue ] , but both her children took bad colds and she feared they might have the croup, Mr Courtney was away and she was very unwell herself,; howeve [however] on Sunday morning, he returned, and at noon, they all went out to Westwood, I went out the next day, and found, Adine taking medicin [medicine], Leize had a high fever all the night before and was very fretfull [fretful], Josephin was better, James goes over to his place every day he has sent Aunt, Sarah , and Maria , over to clean the house, Maria took all the children, but Celia , and Josephine brought her to town to nurse the baby about the house Jo , and Mr Branch are going on tomorrow to, Sumner , and expect to be away two weeks or more her, little Theora , has been very good lately, I persuaded her to feed it, for I have thought for some [added: time] that she did not give milk enough for her, and ever since

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she began to feed her she is better, and is thriving Jo — was at a party, here that we gave to Mr, Carry , and at Mr, Nichols , and staid tell [stayed till] twelve oclock [o'clock] and the babe slept all the time, last night it had a crying spell, and this morning she gave her some oil, which griped it Sarah , was there and she said it cryed [cried] very much, but I hope it will be better after the oil, Adin and I drank tea with Maria Price while she was in town, and she told me how much opposed you were to Josephs going to, North, Carolina , Mr. Woods was exceedingly sorry that you did not talk to him on that subject before you left, as he was several times told you his plans, and beside he had made every arrangement fer [arrangement for ] his going, and was in correspondence with some of the teachers, he has however, concluded, only on your account, to send him one session to, Mr, Hume as he has several vacancies the next term, if he dose [does] well, he may continue him longer, but I fear, he has been so in the habit of not going to school half his time, that it will difficult for him to confine himself as he will have to do, with, Mr, Hume, for he tells Mr, Woods, that he gives an account of every day he is not there, and every bad lesson he has, you had better write to Jo, and tell him, that his, Uncle, well [will] be compelled to send him away, if he will not learn at home, Maria Price intends taking him to live with her, and I have no doubt, will do by him all you could wish, if he will submit to her [unclear: desire ] and council, Mrs McCay , is here from, St, Louis is rather

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out of health, and has come to see her brother, Dr, Jennings the girls are going to see her this afternoon, Sarah and I will go some other time, poor, Henry, Stephens , is dead he was buried on monday, there is a subscription going around for building a second, Presbyterian Church, Mr, Vancourt , has been preaching the last two sundays a the place where they have a sunday school, Mr Louis Ervin , was there on sunday last, and says that a church could soon be filled, and that their school is very large. Mr Woods and I intend riding out to White Creek Spring this week, I am told that the accommodations or [are] so elligant [elegant] that I am anxious to see it, and if Mr Courtney likes it we will go there as soon as the weather is warm enough, the day you left is the warmest we have had since, I hope, [unclear: Molena ] , will remember her promise to me of writing for I shall be anxious to hear from you every week or two, give my kind compliment to Mr, Handy , and do let me know how, Isac , is and whether he has gone home, and if Mr Morten is confined, Sarah and the girls join me in love to you all, little Joseph , grows every day and is good as ever, we are all looking every day to hear of your safe arrival in, Philadelph [Philadelphia] , should you see the, [unclear: Tajert ], tell them how much I long to se [see] them wishing you every happiness and a safe return home

I remain affectionately your Sister
J W [James Woods]
[added: [unclear]]

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Mrs Sarah B. Woods 138 Walnut St [Street] Philadelphia Penn [Pennsylvania]

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