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Title:[Letter] 1818 Aug. 25, Plainfield, N.C. [to] James M. King, Rutherford County, Murfeesborough, Tennessee / Ann Eliza King : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:King, Ann Eliza

This work is the property of The Albert Gore Research Center, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact The Albert Gore Research Center, P.O. Box 193, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.

Date: August 25, 1818
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter dated August 25, 1818 from Ann Eliza King to her cousin James Moore King. She wrote to tell him of a lady she has found for him to possibly marry. In the letter she offers a detailed description of the young lady, and laments about James' wasted bachelor life.
Collection:James Moore King Papers Correspondence 1818

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[added: From Ann Eliza King ,
Plainfield N.C. [North Carolina]
names mentioned in letter
Uncle Henry King
'' Nathan King
Aunt Harmy King
Cousin Susan King
marries Bryant Bass ]
[added: Important]
[added: from mail] [added: postmark]

Mr. James M,, King Rutherford County State of tennessee Murfreesborough [Murfreesboro]

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August 25th 1818 Cousin James M,, King

When I last wrote you I immagined [imagined] it wuld [would] be the last time for I was certain you have married and would of course neglect your correspondent I learn by your letter that you are still unmarried certainly you would not put me to the trouble to find you a fin [fine] girl that I think would sute [suit] you and not eaven [even] come to take a peep at her I have searched jonson Sampson Duplin Harover Cumberland and quite to Onslow and to my utter mortification could not find one that I think would sute you I have since explored Wayne County and think I have found her I will give you a description of her and if you like it you must let me no [know] and I will try to intercede for you Of wealth I will say nothing. for that of course is not an object [with with] you Now for her person

She is [gap] foot high; compact, blue eyes; dark hair; round face; tolerable thin lips, white teath [teeth] , very even; quite a pleasant countinance [countenance] ; small foot and hand; and a very handsome brown skin has a cosidderable [considerable] shean [sheen] of good sence [sense]

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dances admirably and leavs [leaves] acquaintance better than any girl I allmost [almost] even saw She has a great number of admirers and if you do not wish her spoiled with flattery make a hurry.

I imagin [imagine] to myself that I see you seated in on [one] corner of Batchelors Hall poring [pouring] over some old moldy Book or sitting with your eye fixed on vacency [vacancy] or with your hed [head] on your hand making marks with your cain [cane] and talking noncence [nonsense] for the want of a wife to talk it for you. You no enough of the women to no they are never out of idle chat and changes the subject of conversation as often as a nightingale does its notes

You do not no how it would grace your Courner [corner] to have a handsome wife in it and not stay there [gap] yourself like an Old Rat in a [unclear: dory ] as some others of our relatives have.

What news I have is not very pleasant and therefore will refer it untill [until] I see you which I am in hopes will be very soon. You desired me to let you no something of your friends here your relations the Moore s are all in good health Uncle Henry and Nathan Kings family have had some sickness

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lattenly [lately] but have recovered the rest of your relations are generally well Mother is in a very low state of health and we expect to leave here in a few days for the Bladen Springs Cousin Ann Maria Rhodes is married to Coln [colonel] Ward of Onslow I had the honor to be bridesmaid and the pleasure of [gap] quite a pleasant trip

Cousin [gap] King was marr [gap] few weeks ago to mr [mister] Bryand [gap]

My letter [gap] insensibly grown long I am actually ashamed of [gap] except Dear Cousin my cince[gap] [sincere] and ardent [gap] for your [gap]

Ann Eliza K [gap]
[added: P.S. [Post Script] I have with regrete [regret] to [gap] you of death of aunt Hamy [added: Hamy King] [gap] yours &c [and etcetera] A,, King] [added: Deaths of aunt Hamy King she must the wife of Nathan or John]

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