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Title:[Letter] ca. 1831, [to] William / James Moore King : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:King, James Moore

This work is the property of The Albert Gore Research Center, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact The Albert Gore Research Center, P.O. Box 193, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.

Date: ca. 1831
Extent: 2p
Summary:This is a letter written ca. 1831, presumably from James Moore King; the recipient is only identified by William. The letter consists of adulation, and highly descriptive language of audience reactions to colts and stallions at an exhibition in Murfreesboro.
Collection:James Moore King Papers Correspondence 1831

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Dear William [added: (Parish?)]

With pleasure I acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 19th Feby [February] which was gratifying to hear from you and my friends, but with feeling of simpathy [sympathy] I regreted [regret] to see the statement of [added: the death of] your infant son., [added: J.K] In your former letter you spok [spoke] of an excurtion [excursion] you had taken for the examination of some gold mines I should like to hear what the prospects are. (the winter has been remarcable [remarkable] sevear [severe], but I am inhopes [in hopes] it is now broke, as we have had seviral [several] weeak [weeks] of butiful [beautiful] weather,) I have been informed by Coln [Colonel] Hing that he has brought your two maires [mares] with him, to [added: either] go to Richard or Champion, I informed him that I should be much gratified in their going to sir Richard and if he would send them I would take them in charge and use my best endeavou [endeavour] to have them got in fold by Sir Richard, [added: If there be any other person ]you stated that if your accquaintance [acquaintance] that wishes to send you may assure them that all care wil [will] be set and with measure your Linolian coalt [colt] died, It was truly a loss indead [indeed] for I believed it [added: was] an un common [uncommon] fine coalt; your Richard coalt mare state come's [comes] on finely, which I am inhopes [in hopes] he [added: it] will be able to distinguiss [distinguish] him itself superior to any nag that [added: it] he may have to contend with; and should be gratified to see him [added: it] on the Harrican Hill Turf making some of thois [those] efforts of distinction, and your preasants [presents] to witness it: I am inhopes, I do not anticipate your presence invain [in vain] at some of our amusement on the Harrican Hill Turf [added: who W.R. or Has. Devane King ?]

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[gap] to comply with your invite, [gap] at Tuskaloosa next fall, but it is quite out of my power to do so, as I am prepairing [preparing] to build, I have some fine coaltes [colts] and I think promising and do expect to train one or 2 this fall. I cannot forbear giving you a short detail [added: sketch] of the exhibition of fine stallions a feiw [few] weeaks [weeks] a go at Murfreesboro ; Among there ware [were] the Jefferson by Virginian , Sir Charles Pinkney by Old Sir Charles, De Foe by conquerer [conqueror], Traveller by A [Andrew] Jackson . I and Sir Richard, besides several others there was a large crowd of spectators to view those fine [added: loaded] animals as their war [were] several that had beengreatly [added: much] talked [ ] about, and had never been shone there before The spectators formed a circle in which the horse entered, among them Dick mooved [moved] in with magnificent splendor, his butiful [beautiful] arched neck aloft in the air exyes [eyes] sparkling with excitement, his long and silver glossed tail twirled on his back and with gallant strides moved with exquisite grandure [grandeur] round and throug [through] the admired spectators it was a unanimous tone among the numerous crowd, that he was the finest and the most splended [splendid] horse they ever saw, that he was the fare paragon of animals.

Our friends about N.V [Nevada] . are generally well. [added: also] Blackman & family Mother is in very good health, so is Walter & Jane, miself [myself] Mark and children are in very good health, tell cousin Ann Washington Lafayette is very fine child, & Jane Helen is two [too] sweeat [sweet], and no end to her chattering [added: I sent to you a few day a go a newes [news] paper and hand bell]

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