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Title:[Letter] 1831 Jan. 17, [to] James Moore King, Murfreesboro, Tennessee / Shubal S. King : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:King, Shubal S.

This work is the property of The Albert Gore Research Center, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact The Albert Gore Research Center, P.O. Box 193, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.

Date: January 17, 1831
Extent: 3p
Summary:Letter dated January 17, 1831 from Shubal S. King to James M. King. The letter primarily concerns financial transactions, and cotton prices in different states
Collection:James Moore King Papers Correspondence 1831

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Mc Kinley Ala [Alabama] Janey [January] 21 Col. Jas. M [Colonel James Moore]. King Murfrees borough [Murfreesboro] Tennessee
[added: Shubal King ] [added: 1840 or 1846] [added: To Mail][added: 1831]

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McKinley January the 17th Col. James M. King

The object of this short epistle , is to inform you that , James Snell left here on yesterday morning for , Tennessee , I gave him nignty [ninety] one dollars in specie for, you the remainder in South carolina money, which I resund [reasoned] is current in your state —

I regret that I have not had an oppertunity [opportunity] of sending it before this time, but it was totally out of my power, as no opportunity presented itself — before Snell came down— I have no knews [news] of any interest, or importance to communicate— The times here, are verry [very] hard and, but little money Cotton is selling for nuthing [nothing] of consiquence [consequence], the [unclear: Milileu ] prices are form [from] five to seven sents [cents] &c [and etcetera]— Father speaks of going to Orleans with his, and selling it, for sound funds if so, his will go up the misisipie [Mississippi], for the purpus [purpose] of exchangeing [exchanging] the proseeds [proceeds] for our own currency, and, as soon you get this, pleas [please] write to immediately, and state the difference of exchange in your part of the country

Since I arrived at home I have employed my time primairaly [primarily] in hunting deer the weak [week] after my arrival here there was a company of us went out , and hunted five days during the time , we killed eighteen , I only killed one of them myself, But since the present year set in I have been closely engaged at my books Tell Rufus I have been anxiouly [anxiously] expecting a letter from him , but in which I have been sadly mistaken, Tell him John and Mr. Gannaway , and Mr. Jamison to write to me as, I trust, the short term that , I have been absent

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from there has not entirely abated or, obliterated the frindship [friendship] that formily [formerly] existed betwean [between] me and them I have nothing more to write give my love Cousine [Cousin] Patsy and and respects to all enquiring friends

Your friend and relation
Shubal S. King
[added: J M King

P. S. If I have not sent you the compliment of money let me know when you write , and probably I will have an opportunity of sending it by some one passing up your way —

I think it is probably I may go up that way next fall myself s.s. King


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