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Title:[Letter] 1831 Mar. 5 [to] Hardy Moore / J.M. King: a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:King, James Moore

This work is the property of The Albert Gore Research Center, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact The Albert Gore Research Center, P.O. Box 193, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.

Date: March 5, 1831
Extent: 2p
Summary:Letter dates March 5, 1831 from James Moore King to Hardy Moore. The letter concerns the exhibition, performance and praise of fine horses, as well as the acquisition of new animals.
Collection:James Moore King Papers Correspondence 1831

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[added: 5th] March 1831 [added: 1831] [added: Col. J.M. King]Dear Hardy

I take this opportunity of informing you that Hesekiah House Mr Burre has purchased and myself has purchased our half of Sir Richard for which we gave $2000.- he is [added: a gray] 15 hand 3 inches high and one of the most splendid and high formed horses you ever saw, he has run all distances [added: and never been beat] he has had to repeat the 3 mile heats 4 times before winning, tho he was not in order he is full brother to Monsheer Tonson now in virginia that run so successful in this state Louisana [Louisiana] & Virginia and now standing in virginia at $50 —this season, he is aso [also] full brother to champion that belong to Coln [Colonel] [unclear: Kemp ] [added: Is this W.R. King] There was an exabition [exhibition] of fine horses at murfresboro [Murfreesboro] on monday at court, I heard several saying from account they expected to see a very fine horse, but they ware [were] amased [amazed] in seeing a much finer and a more splended [splendid] horse than they could posible [possible] imagine existed there ware [unclear: 11 ] or 12 horses exhibited, but richard

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the admirers, and it was a unanimous exclamation that he was the finest and most splendid horse they ever saw, he will stand the ensuing season at P.J. Burrus, near Murfreesboro , upon the terms stated in the enclosed lines, ( I would have sent you a hand bill if had an oportunity [opportunity]) If you have any fine mares I should like for you to send them over to him, and leave them with me, and they shall be strictly attended to, I also solicite [solicit] your influence in procuring some of the best bluded [blooded] mares in your section and neighbourhood [neighborhood], believing and hoping that all those that patronese [patron] sir richard, [added: they] will be highly gratified with his progeny and abundantly rewarded say to Coln [Colonel] King to make all the interest he can for me. with those that raisee [raise] fine horses and to send 2 or 3 of his own as he is fond of fine horses tell Henry to write to me, if you are not two much engaged I shoul [should] be glad to see you here

Yours Respectefully [respectfully]
Ja [James] M King

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