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Title:[Letter] 1826 Apr. 14 Jackson [Tennessee], [to] Rhea & McCrabb / Charles Barth : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Barth, Charles

This work is the property of the Memphis Public Library, Memphis, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Memphis Public Library, 3030 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111

Date: April 14, 1826
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written from Charles Barth to fellow merchants Rhea & McCrabb on April 14, 1826. In the letter, Barth discusses business practices and prospects are to be found for merchants in Jackson, Tennessee. Barth states that business prospects are good in Jackson, but that goods and rent are expensive, due mostly to the influx of wealthy citizens into the area.
Collection:Historical Genealogical Documents

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Jackson April 14th 1826
Dear friends!

Since my Last of the 31st inst [instant], I am in possision [possession] of your favour [favor] of the 23 of March.

In reply of your questions about business in general here, I reply, that I think there is great & good prospects, for men of Capital in this place as well as in the surrounding country.

At this time there are Seven Stores in Jackson, they are all doing a good buseniss [business], beside Madison County (our county) which is settled mostly by wealthy people, there are from three to four Counties more, who do their trading in this Place — Jackson has considerably the Start of another town in the district, & I have no doubt will keep it for many years to come

At present there is no Store Rooms or house to be had immediately on the Public Square; but as one of the Merchants is about to sell out, there might be a probability of getting his house, which is a good Stand on the Square near the courthouse yet unless application be made shortly, some body [somebody] else will rent it, as there is a talk of some new Store to come here; house rent is very high and not less than from 12 to 15 dollars or more a

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[a] month by the year; Board & Lodging is three dollars & a half & without Lodgen [Lodging] three dollars per Week. — We get our goods by the way of the Mississippi River , they [added: are] landed at George C. Barfields at the Canadian Reach, Arkansas . [unclear: T. ] four miles above the mouth of Forked Deer River , on the Mississippi from there they [added: are] forwarded in Reel Boats to this place; the freight from the Miss. [Mississippi] to Jackson is from 62 1/2 cents to 75 per hundred pounds — they are landed one mile from town, and have to be hauled in wagons that short distance —

The distance from the mouth of the Forked D [Deer] to Jackson is two hundred miles by water and one of the disagreablest [most disagreeable] River to navigate I ever Saw. — The nearest point from here to Tennessee River is about Sixty miles from here, & the best Landing would be Reynoldburg on Tens. [Tennessee] River, from which place good would have to be wagoned at the rate of $1.50 to $1.75 or $ 2 per [unclear: 100 ]. — The Forked Deer is not navagable [navigable] all the year, but only in Spring and at the time of high [unclear: freskes ], yet it keeps up generaly [generally] untill [until] some time in May. — My advise would be, for one of you, to come first to this country & see yourself & take a rout [route] through the district and see the little Towns & their prospecks [prospects]. —

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The last news from N. [New] Orleans are very discouraging cotton is selling there from 6 to 9 — this will have some influence in selling of goods, as money will be scarse [scarce]. Besides the Land office will open here on the 1st day of May to enter land at 50 per acre and will swap a great part of our circulating medium — yet after all this, there is still a great opening for men of Capital in sundry Speculation, & if I had only the funds, I could make money here, but the way I am situated from hand to mouth, I have to tipple the best way I can, yet hope to come out yet some day —

I have told you now enough to give you some ensight [insight] of the Situation of this country & you can take your measures accordingly —

In your letter I might have exspected [expected] something about my business I [unclear: left ] with you, but [added: you] did not even mention it — in my Last I requested you to collect the Notes and amounts the shortest way possible, I repeat the same, & would thank you when you write to me again to let me know what the prospects are —

I remain your friend
Charles L. Barth
[added: P.S. [Post Script] If the [unclear: French cook ] of Elliot Bachee would still be about there ask him if he would come [unclear: & live ] with me as a Baker & confectioner?? C.L.B—]

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[added: Jackson Ten [Tennessee]
21 April 1826 } 18 1/4]

Messrs [Messeiurs] Rhea & McCrabb Athens [unclear: Ala ]
[added: Mail }]

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