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Title:[Letter] 1843 Feb. 22, Bastrop [TX] [to] Col. Joseph Brown, Maury County, Tennessee / David F. Brown : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Brown, David F.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: February 22, 1843
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter from David F. Brown to his father Joseph Brown dated Febrary 22, 1843. David updates his father about his family, his brother Joseph, and the death of a woman named Julia Ann. David mentions skirmishes between Mexican and US soldiers as far into Texas as San Antonio. Twelve US soldiers were taken prisoner, but the people have hope they will be released because there is a revolution against Santa Anna going on in Mexico. He also mentions that Jane (unsure if he is referring to his aunt, wife, or sister in law by brother Joseph) wishes to visit Joseph in order to improve her health.
Collection:Joseph Brown Papers

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Bastrop Feb [February] 22nd 1843
Dear Father

I bearly [barely] have time to say to you that we are all in our usual health & are getting on as well as could be expected considering the distracted state of our county the scarcity of many &c [et cetera] Our family suffered considerably with sickness last fall as well as brother Joseph I suppose Joseph wrote you all the circumstances of this sickness & the death of Julia Ann last summer she died of fever imprudently going into the sun when hot & imprudence whilst sick Joseph came here late in the spring & rented some land of [unclear: mee ] he also cleared some land which he was to have as long as he wanted it but he planted too late & made a bad crop, he became disatisfied [dissatisfied] & moved to houston last fall I got letter from him some time since & he informd [informed] me he thought he would be able to make some property there for many is out of the question I am fearfull [fearful] he will never have patience & stability enough to do any thing any where, he let me have stockholder he still has old [unclear: packoletta ] but he has been a [unclear: chore ] expence [expense] to him ever since he has been here, he has been in bad health & out of flight for a season you sent me mony [money] to second your deed but neglected to send the papers

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Old Capt Farney has been living at my house for the last 12 months working at his trade he is in fine health & well pleased with the country The Mexicans weakened our frontier very much last year They made two or three nvasions [invasions] as far as st Antonio & carried off a good many prisoners Our government sent out 6 or 7 hundred troops into their country to retaliate but the mexican troops all fled before then, they took two or three towns & started back, but 300 of the troops concluded they must go back & have a fight they attacked & took the town of [unclear: Meor ] but were soon attacked by a large force of the Mexicans & after fighting 24 hours & killing some four or five hundred & loosing [losing] 12 men they were compelled to surrender as prisoners of war, they were started on to the citty [city ] of Mexico in chains but we are in hopes they will be released as we learn there is a considerable revolution now going on in Mexico between St Anna [Santa Anna, Antonio Lopez] the dictator & congress The congress party profess liberal principles & will no doubt be favourable [favorable] to Texas & Youcatan [Yucatan] Elijah Porter Jno [John] T Porter oldest Son is among the prisoners We now have [unclear: comissioner ] among the [unclear: indians ] for the purpose of forming a treaty & exchanging prisoners

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I am now just going to plant corn I shall have 20 acres of cotton 40 of corn & 8 or 10 of small grain & potatoes I have rented 60 acres to the Frazer boys the old lady has not yet left NewOrleans We have had a most extraordinary freshett [freshet] in this country & has damaged the country very much in the way of damaging stock sweeping off fences &c It swept of [off] the fence of one of my fields 23 acres [unclear: res ] on to my corn crop & spoiled 150 bushels of corn & about 300 bushells [bushels] of potatoes I got a letter from Jno T Porter a week or tow [two] since they are hard run & very much distressed about Eliz [gap] Mr Ceylon Frazer is now waiting & I must close Jane Says she [gap] back this sumer [summer] she wants to spend some time with you as she always has better health there than any where else; but I think it doubtfull [doubtful] whether we can arrange it so or to send her on account of the scarcity of money Jane expects to be confined in a few weeks

Resp [Respectfully] yours &c [and etcetera]
D. F [David Franklin] Brown

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Lafayette [gap] O. La [Louisiana] March 15 1843
[added: free]
Col. [Colonel] Jos [Joseph] Brown [added: P.M] Cave spring P. Off [Post office]} Maury County Tennessee
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letter 1842] [added: W. H. Lyon
[unclear: Demopolis ]
Sarah Davidson ][added:
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