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Title:[Letter] 1831 July 9, Nashville [to] John Gill Jr., Philadelphia Pa. / Joseph P. Brown : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Brown, Joseph Porter

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: July 9, 1831
Extent: 8p
Summary:This document is a letter dated July 9, 1831 to John Gill Jr. from Joseph P. Brown regarding various business deals including stocks and real estate.
Collection:Joseph Brown Papers

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Nashville July 9th 1831
Dear Sir

Yours of the 25th June ulto. [ultimo] came to hand this morning, and found me just sitting down to write for Mr. Trabue who contemplates starting for your city tomorrow—

I would have written you immediately on my return home, but a difficulty presented itself in the execution of the deed for the property which not yet being removed prevents me from forwarding it at this time a circumstance I regret exceedingly on my own account as well as yours—

It seems necessary by the certificate that my wife must be of "full age" before her signature can be good & valid, now if this means 21 years, as it most undoubtedly does, we just lack 2 months of the time from tomorrow, She having been born on the 10th of September 1810, Jane will be of full age 2 days afterwards, so that there will be a delay unexpected and disagreeable to all parties. I had taken the deed with the intention of having it executed, when this

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examination of it satisfied me it would not answer untill [until] everything was fact beyond a doubt— As soon as the period mentioned arrives I will have it done in such manner as to secure it to you [added: & your successors] fully & unequivocally forever. In the mean time my family, [added: with myself], express their regret that the formality of law prevents them from executing these papers without this unreasonable delay —

The Mayor of our city has been absent for some weeks on a mission (for the Indians) from the general government, which would have forever-led me [added: still further] from having the deed authenticated, In the interim however we have a mayor pro tem, but as your laws are so particular it would be best perhaps to wait for the return of the mayor elect, it is likely he will be here before the 10th Septr [September] and you may rest assured that it [added: the deed] will be transmitted without any further delay, or deposited in any person's hands here that you may think proper to select.

I enclose you, Fifty dollars which you will reserve $45 and credit balance to Shirley Brown & Walker on your Books—

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All our goods have arrived, we have opened however only a part of them, the house being thrown into Confusion by the addition of a third story, which our Landlord is making to the house, we have nevertheless sold about $6000 since we received the stock and as far as they have opened my partner's & others have adjudged it the best selected stock in the City indeed business is always dull at this season, and it owing entirely to the style & character of the goods that we have made these sales, the men not Coming down to purchase any them but groceries have been literally [unclear] to make a purchase of goods, and which must do them good at [unclear: home ]— we Could have sold 6 or 8000 more [added: to] new accounts and I believe to good [unclear: rules ], as they purchased Subsequently at other houses on the houses offered us, but we declined, not being entirely satisfied about the punctuality of the men though we believed them perfectly solvent— In reply to your inquiries I know but little of Mr Bradford's affairs, hearing of his failure at Louisville I hurried home fearing that in the vortex Mr Shirley might have suffered, as Mr B had the settlement of the debts of Shirley West & Co. but I found Mr S has seen into this matter

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in time, and from all I can learn, there is enough retained by Mr West to pay the debts of that firm and of West Moss & Co. Some money say $8 or $9.000 dollars has already been remitted in Cash & good paper to Philad [Philadelphia] in discharge of a part of the old debts, and the balance I expect will be met with certainly if not [added: exactly] with promptness— I know of none who will suffer here by Bradford save one or two sharers, the heaviest loss will fall upon New Orleans , the amount I am not [unclear: apprized ] of or on whom it may fall, Rumour [Rumor] with her thousand tongues is at work, but vague & uncertain as this species of information is it will not do to rely upon it — Mr West I presume will not go to New Orleans untill the business of his concerns are is settled up, which will probably take more time than he anticipates, — Mr Shirley will lose about $1400 by Bradford, the balance if due by him to Mr S out of the old business, for part the latter's profits— Bradford is now superintending the building of a steam Boat at this place & owned by Jas Woods & Co. & to be commanded by Bradford, I should judge from this that his mercantile career is at an end— By the bye what was only rumour

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yesterday is confirmed today by a letter from New Orleans viz that B. F. West has failed in consequence of his responsibilities for Bradford, [added: amt [amount] said to be $20000.] N & J Dick are also in for a considerate amount but they can stand these things— The 2 notes of Bradford for 1400 and odd dollars Mr Shirley informs me is in your possession, they will be paid at maturity without infringing upon Mr S's interest in this house he having other assets to meet them with, and we Calculate most certainly upon fulfilling our engagements promptly [unclear: — ] I do not know what effect the late news about his Brother's failure will have upon Mr. West's intention to [added: remove to] New Orleans time will develope [develop] these matters—

You have doubtless heard of C M Connell's failure, he is paying his Creditors 60 to 80 cts [cents] in the dollar, his endorsement I suppose will not be paid— Dick has returned from Orleans, but I do not know whether he is doing any thing or not— At Louisville I called to see Thos [Thomas] Powell , who is sick as that place he is in a very precarious Situation and I fear will hardly recover, it is likely he will go

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into a decline, induced [added: I believe] by the abuse of his Constitution in early life [added: from the too frequent use of [unclear: mercurial ] preparations] he is under the case of Doct. Baum a celebrated physician there and may perhaps recover his wanted strength, but coming from a family where weakness of the lungs & chest were partially hereditary and Complaining withal of a pain in the breast, I think he a complete recovery problematical— I have not heard of him for several weeks and do not know his present Situation—

I found my family and friends in good health with the exception of Mr Mills my brother-in law, he had been Confined several weeks previous to my return with a general decline if I might so call it, and a week ago we Committed his earthly remains to the tomb, he has left a wife & child, to mourn his separation from them, at a period when they were indulging in the fondest hopes of lasting happiness—

I have now I believe in my prolix way attempted to answer all your enquiries and give you such other information as I thought

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would interest you — I will add that Soving has purchased out the stock of Jno [John] McClelland deceased Russellville Ky [Kentucky] , is in business there with his brother in law G W Whitaker and I have no doubt you will get the money due the estate of Campbell very shortly—

This will be handed you by Mr [added: E] Trabue one of the successors to West Moss & Co. it is a good house, sell them all you can, I am confident they will not disappoint you, I merely give this as information to you, they have [gap] to the house for letters & Mr Shirley has requested me to give them letters to you and others, The weather is excessively warm, I hope the reasons given for this delay of the deed will be satisfactory, at all events keep Cool! and it will be forthcoming at the time specified it would be of no [added: more] use if made out sooner than the one you have in your possession, indeed it would be an [added: exact] copy, except the certificate

Yours Sincerely
J P Brown [added: PS Present my best respects to Mrs. Campbell and the young Ladies my family also desire to be remembered to them }]

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John Gill Junr Esqr [Junior Esquire] care Messers Gilo Ferguson & CoMerchants Philadelphia [added: W E Trabue}]
[added: 1831 Joseph P Brown
July 9th
Recd [received] 25th
answered August 2nd]

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