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Title:[Legal document] 1788 Nov. 17, Washington District, North Carolina [Warrant for man accused of stealing slaves] : a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: November 17, 1788
Extent: 5p
Summary:This document is a warrant dated November 17, 1788 for the arrest of Micager Crews and an unknown woman who are accused of stealing slaves from an unknown person.
Collection:Washington District Warrant
Box:New Accessions
Document: sc238

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North Carolina
Washington County }

Ninion Hoskins complains To me on Oath that from Information from [unclear: in a clendentant [clandestined] ] Manner that there Is a Certain Micager Crews in this Neighborhood with Two Negroes fellows & a wench that are Stolen From some Where the Owner yet__ unknown [added: when] & that the [unclear: Alea Frasier ] Elisha Hoskins & [unclear: William Kanady ] are concerned with [unclear: him in sd ] matter These are therefore in the name of The state to commd [command]. you & every of you to__ Take the Bodies of the said Micager Crews Alea Frasier Elisha Hoskins & William Kanady if to be found in Yr [Your]. Bailiwick & in case they are escaping that you [unclear: pursue ] from county to county from state to state as well by [unclear: Footmen ] or Horse the also the sd [said] Negroes & them safely keep

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so that you have them Before some justices or justices of our said county of Washington [added: [unclear: such other Equity of ]] that they may be Delt [Dealt] with as the Law Directs & this shall be Your Wards for the same given under my Hand this Thirtieth Day of June 1788

To all Lawfull [Lawful] sheriffs & constables the & Capt.__ Rowland Jenkins Deputed officer__
Richard White

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[added: The State vs
Crews Frasier
Hoskins & Kanady
Executed on Crews
& two Negroes the
fellow escaped Crews
& [unclear: wench bro ] Before
Ricd [Richard] White
Day of July 1788
Rowland Jenkins
Deputy Constable]

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[added: The State of North Carolina Washington County Whereas Micager Crews Hath this day Having been Brought Before me on Suspition [Suspicion] of Stealing Two Negroes a fellow & wench they named Jack & Nanei and on examination He appears guilty of said charge These are therefore in the name of sd. [unclear: day ] to comm [commission]. all Sheriffs &c Has this Mondy [Monday] of the said Micager Crew Together With the Wench Nanei Now in Custody Untill [Until] you shall deliver them into the Goal [Jail] of Washington District the Goaler [Jailer] of the said Goal are [unclear: kurese ] commd. to Receive them into your said Goal & Safely keep as so to provide that you Have them Before the Judge or Judges of our District of Washington [added: on the next court that shall be held for sd District] & this shall be your [unclear: Dist. ] for the same Given under my hand this first day of July one thousand seven hundred & eighty eight ] [added: To all Sheriffs Constables &c
& Captain Rowland Jenkins
Deputed Officer
Belonging to said District ]

Richard White

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[added: The State vs Crews][added: July 4 Day 1788
then came to prison]

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