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Title:[Letter] 1841 Mar. 26, Jackson, [Tennessee] [to] Mary Jane Chester / Elizabeth Chester : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Chester, Elizabeth

This work is the property of the University of Memphis Libraries, Special Collections Department, Ned R. McWherter Library, Memphis, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the University of Memphis Libraries, 126 Ned R. McWherter Library, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152-6500.

Date: March 26, 1841
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written by Elizabeth Chester to her daughter, Mary Jane Chester, on March 26, 1841. In the letter, Elizabeth discusses social events taking place in Jackson, such as marriages and parties, as well as events taking place with the people in their family. She asks her daughter not to ride on horses because she could get injured, and to always tell them the truth because they need to trust her while she is away from home.
Collection:Chester Family Papers MS 25 (March-April 1841)

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JacksonMa [added: r] ch 26 41
My Dear Daughter

Again to day I was disappointed in not receiving a letter from you, indeed I do not know what to think off your not w [added: r] iting had your Papa not have seen you [unclear: so lately ] I should conclude that you were sick you really must write once a week at the least less than that I cannot be satisfied with hearing of the unfortionate [unfortunate] death of Miss Garden has shocked me greatly I should be miserable to think that you would get on a horse again you know how much affraid [afraid] I am of your riding I wish you my dear Child to send me your promis [promise] that you will not ride on horse back untill [until] I see you if you promis [promise] me I know that you will keep your word it is a source of great pleasure to know that your word can be rilyed [relied] on, Truth oh what a beautiful Gem thou [unclear: art ] how much we should love and honour [honor] thee without thee there is no confidence between Parent & Child in indeed in any relation whatever

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we had the pleasure of hearing from you through Mr Knox Walker he stayed several days in town I saw him only twice he was on his way to see Catherine McLamer at Memphis the sun is just setting every thing looks Beautiful Flowers all in bloom how I wish you had some of our sweet Hyacinths and delightful flowers is your Rose living, Our Town has been quite gay for the last week I believe the Girls have all determined to get married if any one will have them Miss Patterson and Calvin Henderson Miss McIven & Mr Read Miss Mariana Johnson & Mr Richard Fenner are all married a grand Party to night at Mr Rick Jones' Cousin Dick is still Miss Lyons devoted [unclear: rading ] with and galanting her on all occasions what say you to that, you know not my dear Child how anxiously I long for your return home Papa says that you must graduate more of that when I see you, Martha was delighted with her Pants they are beautiful I am vexed that you dont get do not have one handsome white dess [dress] at least there is no new goods in Jackson or I would have some made here Mrs Swan is making a common Lawn for you which I will send next week Mr Davidson is going through Columbia Papa is from home and it is gitting [getting] late and I must conclude by telling you to imagin [imagine]

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as much love a Mother can feel for a beloved child and feel assured that you occupy that place in my heart all the children send love and kisses to you Martha wants you to link some of your hair into a bracelet and send it in a letter to her I Pray the Father of us all to have you in his especial keeping

you affectionate Mother
Elizabeth Chester
[added: PS [Post Script] since writing the above another mail has come and no letter from you I am very [unclear: uneasy ] abo [added: u] t you do write every week Aunt Narcissa is now well went a fishing to day John [gap] & Jackson Hays with her will write [gap] next week. affectionately EC [Elizabeth Chester] Sam is walking looks very sweet]

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18 3/4]
Miss Mary Jane Chester Columbia Tenn [Tennessee]
[added: Mail }][added: 1841][added: My Dear Mother
26 March 1841]

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