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Title:[Letter] [1841] Apr 23, Jackson, [to] Mary J[ane] Chester, Female Institute, Columbia / Elizabeth Chester: a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Chester, Elizabeth

This work is the property of the University of Memphis Libraries, Special Collections Department, Ned R. McWherter Library, Memphis, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the University of Memphis Libraries, 126 Ned R. McWherter Library, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152-6500.

Date: April 23, 1841
Extent: 4p
Summary:The following document is a letter dated April 23, 1841, from Elizabeth Chester to her daughter Mary Jane at the Female Institute in Columbia, TN. Chester updates her daughter on happenings back home while Mary Jane is away at school.
Collection:Chester Family Papers MS-25 (March, April 1841)

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Jackson April 23d [added: [1841]]
My Dear Mary Jane

[added: write to Aunt Narcissa and Mama EC [Elizabeth Chester]] It has been several weeks since I enjoyed the pleasure of writing to you how do you [added: do] this beautiful day I hope [gap] and cheerful for cheerfulness is naturally the attendant of youth and in [added: n] ocence [innocense] the day is beautiful and I always feel more inclined to write to my dear Child when nature smiles the time my daughter is on wing and I hope it will speed swiftly and pleasantly untill [until] you are again folded in the maternal imbrace [embrace] how anxiously I look for that time I need not say. the Children are putting off their Candy stores and Parties indeed almost every day some one has something to do when Sissy Jane comes, Town has been crowded with strangers for the last three weeks in consequence of the sitting of the several Courts we have had to have a great deal of company next week is also court Dr [Doctor] Campbell had a sacrimintal [sacramental] meeting on last sabbath Mrs Degrappenread joined the Church I am affraid [afraid] my dear daughter that you are

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dislike going to church as much as you formally did it is good to go to the house of God many a careless sinner has been made to rejoice and become a follower of Jesus when they have gone with thoughtless levity I need not mention your Cousin Jane R. [Rawlings] she went to the alter to laugh at an old Negro shouting who she was deeply convicted and converted you know that she was [gap]ing in looking over some old letters the other day I came across the one that Mr Finley wrote to you it is a delightful letter so full of Piety and good wishes for your future usefulness and Piety I wish you had it to read, Mr Davidson told us that he had called at the Institute and found you in fine health he was much pleased with the Rector Mr Patton returned from Florida on last sabbath left his family there all in fine health Rachel still at Quincy going to School this will be her last session she will Graduate Mr P [Patton] thinks her very Pretty she is as tall as Jane Patton neither Ellen nor Eliza has any idea of getting married Eliza thinks it is entirely to much trouble to go to balls consequently goes to very few I wish the girls of Jackson would come to the same conclusion they never Tyre [Tire] old Virginia like every week my yard and Garden

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are called on for Boquettes [Bouquets] for the young Ladies I must refer you to Cousin Dick for the news of the Beaumonde as he is a constant attendant at all Parties, Aunt Narcissa is fishing to day she goes very often and catches a great many Aunt Butler has just left here is getting well quite past I hope Mrs Walker has entirely recovered her health present us most affectionately to her and family to [gap] Hays [and and] family I shall always [gap] for their kindness to you ask Jane if she is never going to enliven us with an other [another] visit the recollection of her appears like a bright [gap] that has vanished give our love to [gap] I cannot pretend to write all the messages that the children send to you I must leave you to imagine them from your mother accept her most affectionate Love and Prayers may our god guard guid [guide] and protect from all harm is the prayer of your affectionate Mother

Elizabeth Chester
[added: PS [Post Script] your Papa is from home has been all this week Robert was delighted with his letter you wrote him have you recived [received] an answer from you Grand Mama I was very glad that you wrote to her [gap]]

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Miss Mary J. [Jane] Chester Female Institute Columbia Ten [Tennessee]
[added: Mail }] [added: My Dear Mother
23 Apr [April] 1841]

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