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Title:[Letter] 1841 May 15, Columbia, [Tennessee] [to] Elizabeth Chester, Jackson, Tennessee / Mary Jane Chester : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Chester, Mary Jane

This work is the property of the University of Memphis Libraries, Special Collections Department, Ned R. McWherter Library, Memphis, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the University of Memphis Libraries, 126 Ned R. McWherter Library, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152-6500.

Date: May 15, 1841
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written by Mary Jane Chester to her mother, Elizabeth Chester, on May 15, 1841. In the letter, Mary Jane speaks of events happening at the Female Institute, that she looks forward leaving there in 6 weeks, a funeral conducted by General Harrison, and the girls from different political parties and their actions.
Collection:Chester Family Papers MS 25 (May-June 1841)

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Columbia , Female InstituteMay 15th 1841
My Dear Dear Mamma

I fear that you feel uneasy about my health. I reproach myself for writing you that I had been sick, for I only had three Chills and as "fortune would have it" I missed yesterday, I took my last dose of Quinine this morning so says Mrs Smith . But Mamma I have not received a letter from you for so long a time that I am affraid [afraid] that Sister is worse. Do if you please write me how she is. The Mail has just arrived and no letter for me, indeed I do feel very uneasy. Now that the sickly season is comming [coming] I cannot be satisfied with less than one letter a Week. If Sister is well eneough [enough] to write, I want her to write to me. I think as I have so many Brothers some of them might write to me often.

Yesterday we all went to church to hear Genl. [General] Harrison funeral, preached by Bishop Polk . (I believe it was his funeral, or at least something about him) It was the best sermon that I have heard since I have been Columbia, but I being quite weak slept most of the time, but I have no doubt that you will say that it was very wrong for me to do so.

Mamma I am getting so tired of the Episcopal Church I think if ever get home I shall want to go to no other Church than the Presbyteriand [Presbyterian] &

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Methodist, you recollect that I always had a great [added: partiality] for the latter, but I believe [added: now] that I love the former more than any other because you like it more, Mamma. I declare I am almost distracted to see you and all, I do not wish to remain in Columbia one day after the Examination unless it is the pleasure of the one that comes after me, for I have taken a dislike to the place that I fear I never shall get over.

Mrs Walker is I beleive [believe] no better. I do not think she can possibly recover.

I went to see her a week or two since she looks very badly indeed, her health is so bad that neither Cousin Jane nor Mary Eliza could come to see me whilst I sick. But Mrs Smith was so very kind to me that I did not mind their neglect. (For neglect I must call it so none of the Family came or Sent to see how I was the whole time.)

Has Aunt Narcissa received my letter yet. If she has tell her she must answer it very soon. I cannot give her much praise for her regularity in writing to me, and as for Aunt P. [Patsy] I do not know what to think of her. But I suppose I must excuse her as she very seldom writes to any one but Uncle Will . Tell Uncle the he must not permit our Correspondance [Correspondence] to be discontinued so soon. You remember that Cousin Jane Rawlings wrote me one letter, well, that is the only one that I have ever received from her. And the [added: same] way with Aunt France . I suppose that Sister and Mary Hays have "fine times" together. O! how much I wish to be at home to see them. Tell Mary Ormand that I have never received the letter that she said she was going to write me. I expect that she can almost write sure enough, for she is so smart about every thing that she undertakes. I should like to see her and King walking hand in hand for they both do look so very sweet. I received a letter from Eliza Bigelow saying that Bet Hale , and Lizzy McNeil , were expected to be in Jackson this Month. I was very glad to hear it for I want to see Bet very much indeed. I have only Six more weeks to stay here then I expect to be so very very happy. I forgot to mention something about the Whig girls, this morning all of them said that they intended fasting (as it is the day that Tyler said that all good Whigs must fast) well, at breakfast the majority of them did very well, but being very hungry and tired when they came from

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Church they (all but one or two) concluded that it would do Harrison no good to fast, so they eat their dinners. there was a very good joke for us Democrats. When we were going to Breakfast Caroline Shelby a good Democrat said to me "Eat more than ever you did in your life." and I did too.

I was very much amused at the girls that were sick when I was There were two who imagined themselves very sick, but no one thought so. they thought that their Parents ought to know about them, so they got things for writing and wrote a very long and mournful letter and gave it to Mrs Smith to read. She read it out to us girls, and of all the letter I ever that I ever did read that beat. In one of them was if "Life last?" I shall see you in six weeks with other very mournful things.. Indeed I do think that it will be very sickly here this Summer For the Nursery has not been without some one in it for a great length of time.

You wished to know how I came to get so wrong bad a Record. Indeed I do not know how I got it for [added: I] had been trying to get a good one I do know what the 5 in Deportment was for, I went rather to far down in the yard. I am trying very hard to get a perfect one next time. but it is uncertain wether I shall succe [added: e] d You do not know how hard it is to get a good. If we speak in school that is for diligence or any such little thing as that Mr Smith has threatened to suspend one or two of the girls here lately. Has the Piano come yet, I want to see it very much. I will try and know a great many tunes by the time that I get home. But there are no pretty Tunes in School at present. Mamma I want you to send me my Music Book with the blank Caves in it the first opportunity you can get, for there are some peices [pieces] that I wish to copy. and please send me a blue neck riband [ribbon] in the Book. for Mrs will not let me have one. As I suppose that you are very tired of reading my nonsensical letter I will close. Give my most afft [affectionate] Love to Aunt N. [Narcissa] Aunt P. [Patsy] Cousin Jane R. [Rawlings] Aunt L. [added: Aunt F. [Frances]] and Uncle W. [Will] Uncle S. [Sam] and all my Cousins. Kiss Papa for me 20 time and get him to kiss you that often Kiss Sis and Brothers

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as often as you have time and Mary Ormand. Give my love to Cousin M. A. Cousin Dick Tell him he must write soon.

M. J. [Mary Jane] Chester
[added: P. S. Remember me afft [affectionately] to all the Servants Tell Beatrice I should like to see her baby very much indeed.. and I wish that I could see Aunt Nancy . You must excuse my writing for it is so dark that I cannot see.
Mrs. E. [Elizabeth] Chester] [added:
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Mrs Elizabeth Chester Jackson Tennessee
[added: 15 May 1841]

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