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Title:[Financial statement for funds] received in behalf of the Cherokee Nation as full compensation for time and expenses attending and completing the survey of the boundary lines, 1808 Nov. 1, Highwassee [i.e., Hiwassee, Tennessee]: a machine-readable transcription

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Date: November 1, 1808
Extent: 2p
Summary:This is a financial statement and receipt for money received on behalf of the Cherokee Nation for expenses related to the survey of boundary lines conformable to a convention entered into with the United States at Washington on the January 7, 1806, and approved September 11, 1807. The statement indicates that the Cherokees were to receive 2,000 dollars from U.S. agent Return J. Meigs for their service in completing the survey. This document also details property losses and compensation amounts for area inhabitants who were alleged victims of Cherokee theft. Dated at Hiwassee, Tennessee, November 1, 1808.
Repository:Special Collections Library, The University of Tennessee Knoxville
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen

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The Cherokee Nation
To the United States — — Dr,,
1804. To cash paid Giles Thompson for 2 stolen horses at 60$ 120.00
To " " Scott Mt.Gommery house plundered 29.00
To " " John & Ezekiel Hedgecough 5 horses stolen 300.00
To " " William Ryan 1 horse stolen 60.00
To " " Thomas Gist House burnt 200.00
To " " Jonathan Clenny 1 Rifle Stolen 21.50
To " " Caleb Griffiths 1 horse stolen 60.00
To " " Wm [William] McNutt Saddle & Bridle stolen 25.00
To " " Zackfield Maclin 1 horse stolen 60.00
To " " William Gallaher Canoe stolen 12.00
To " " Townley Deakins 1 Canoe stolen 10.00
To " " Doct Tho: I. Vandyke 2 Canoe stolen 27.00
To " " William Smith skins stolen 3.50
To " " William Utter Whisky stolen 3.50
To " " Stephen Thompson Mason Rifle Stolen 20.00 20.00
To " " Dianna Story for a grey mare stolen by Cherokees 1804 60.00
To " " Thomas Malone for a horse stolen 1802 60.00
To " " George Gentry 1 horse stolen 1801 60.00
To " " Thomas Johnson 1 horse stolen 1804 60.00
To " " William Ellit 1 horse stolen 1804 60.00
To " " Richard & Worley Linville 3 horses stl [stolen] 1804 180.00
To " " David Hunt & Thomas Austin 1 horse [added: s. [stolen] 1804] 60.00
To " " Jno. [John] D. Chisholm 1 horse, saddle, & other [added: property] 1805 92.00
To " " Robert Noble acting under a license bought a horse of an Indian who had stolen it 60.00
To " " James Blair 1 horse stolen 60.00
To " " Thomas Lovelady 1 Mare stolen by Cher-ees [Cherokees] 60.00
To " " Ezekiel Hoskins 1 mare stolen 60.00
To cash paid James Vann for a horse stolen from Edward Moore . see the adjustment on Book of Claims 60.00
Nov 1st To cash paid to ballance [balance] 116.50

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Received of Return J. Meigs Two thousand dollars i.e. eighteen hundred & twenty three dollars & fifty cents, due the United States as stated in the within account; which account is hereby paid & cancelled the sum of one hundred & seventy six dollars & fifty cents [added: in cash this day]: making in the whole Two thousand dollars which sum of Two thousand dollars is allowed by the Executive of the United States & received in behalf of the Cherokee Nation as full compensation for time & expenses attending & completing the survey of the boundary lines conformably to a convention entered into with the United States at City Washington on the 7th day of January 1806, & an elucidation thereof, dated the 11th day of September 1807, whereof we sign Duplicates.


marksA handwritten mark appears next to each name.

Dick Justice
John [gap]ogs
Turtle at Home

Saml. [Samuel] Riley

Highwassee 1st November 1808
Dollars 2000..00

Receipts for 2000 $ paid the Cherokee Nation for their time & expence [expense] in elucidating & in surveying certain boundary lines convention with them made the 7th day of January 1806 ultimately explained & carried into effect the 11th day of September 1807

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