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Title: An abstract of disbursement on account of expenses of the War Department, 1809 Apr. 1 - 1809 Oct. 29: a machine-readable transcription
Author:Meigs, Return Jonathan, 1740-1823

This work is the property of The University of Tennessee Special Collections Library, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: April 1, 1809
Date: October 29,1809
Extent: 2p
Summary:This document is an abstract of the funds disbursed in relation to expenses incurred (at the Cherokee Agency ?) from April 1, 1809 through October 29, 1809, compiled by Return J. Meigs, U.S. Agent to the Cherokees, for the War Department. The expenses are itemized to include date, person by whom expense incurred, brief description of expense, and total cost.
Repository:Special Collections Library, The University of Tennessee Knoxville
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen

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Abstract of disbursements made by Return J. Meigs Agent for the War Department in Tennessee on account of Incidental & Contingent expences [expenses] of the War Department from the 1st of April 1809 to the [gap]
dates of payments No. Payments to whom made Nature of disbursements Amount
1809 April 1st 1 Timothy Meigs [Clerk] Salary for the 4th quarter of 1808 & 1st quarter of the year 1809 250.00
7th 2 Geo: [George] Willson [printer for printing inlistments [enlistments] & Muster Rolls for Capt. Vandyke s Company 13.00
9th 3 Revd. [Reverend] G. Blackburn Money appropriated for schools in the Cherokee Nation 150.00
13th 4 John Purdon For Draining off the Stagnant waters in front of Agency house & Factory 47.25
June 14 5 Jacob Harman Money paid for corn for the Military Agency at this Garrison Highwassee 119.25
Augst [August] 6 6 J.S. McMeans An Attorney employed in a magistrates Court in prosecution of Mahalalel Drain charged with the killing of a Cherokee 10.00
" 10th 7 Wm Jones / by
" 10th 7 Wm. [William] Jones by atty. [attorney] For services rendered as Interpreter in taking Statistical account of the Cherokee Nation 64.00
" 11th 8 George Smith For his services as superintendent of public works at this Garrison Highwassee [added: for Military agency] 287.50
" 28th 9 Revd. Jno. [Reverend John] Gambold Money appropriated for encouragement of schools in the Cherokee Nation 100.00
Octor. [October] 1 10 Timothy Meigs (clerk) Salary for the 2 & 3 quarters of the year 1809 250.00
9th 11 James Park For 1 Ream of Paper 6.00
19th 12 Stephen Haynes expences [expenses] attending the trial of [unclear: Mahalalel ] Drain in the Circuit court of the U States . Charged with killing a Cherokee 12.00
29 13 William Payne For Stationary and other articles furnished 28.25
14 Return J Meigs For Salary Subsistence, forage & expences [expenses] & Stated 2209.88 2250.13

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Abstract. B of incidental & contingent expences [expenses] for the war department commencing 1st April, ending 29th October 1809

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