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Title:Abstract of disbursements made by Return J. Meigs, 1812 Nov. 14 - 1812 Dec. 1, Tennessee: a machine-readable transcription

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Date: November 14, 1812
Date: December 1, 1812
Extent: 2p
Summary:This is a summary of the disbursements made by Return J. Meigs, U.S. Agent to the Cherokee Nation, at the Cherokee Agency in Tennessee from November 14, 1812 through December 1, 1812. The expenses include salary payments to various interpreters, payment for claims against the Cherokees, legal fees, transportation costs, and payment for spinning and weaving articles.
Repository:Special Collections Library, The University of Tennessee Knoxville
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen

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Abstract of Disbursements made by Return J Meigs Agent for the United States in the Cherokee Nation on account of Indian Department in the 4th Quarter of the Year 1812.
Dates of Payment vouchers payments to whom made Nature of Disbursements $ cts Amount
1812 Novem [November] 14th 1 James Boyd For Blacksmiths for Cherokees 22 98
" 20 2 Anthony Billegars For a canoe to accompany a Flatt [Flat] Bottomed Boat carrying Indian goods to Arkansas 6
" " 3 Stephen Stepp For a flat bottomed Boat to carry Indian goods to Arkansas 7
" 29 4 Wm [William] Pherson For Indemnity for Articles Stolen from him by Cherokees 37 75
" 30 5 Saml. [Samuel] McDaniel For Blacksmiths work for Cherokees 21 16
December 1 6 John Brown For Do.. Do.. [Ditto] 18 25
" 7 7 David Maybury For Indemnity for a horse stolen from him by Cherokees 40
" 12 8 [unclear: Tiery ] Robinson For mending Spinning Wheels for Cherokees 3 87
" 10 9 John Cox For Blacksmiths work for Cherokees 20
23 10 John Brown For Piloting a Boat thro' [through] the [unclear: tuck ] in charge of John Ross bound to Arkansas 4 181 [gap]
" 11 Edward Scott
Wm [William] S. Kelly
Counsellors acting in behalf [gap] the Cherokees case Cormick v.s. Cherokee Nation on a reinvestigation of Cormick s claim before a board of Commissioners 300
" 12 Richard Taylor For horse hire & expenses for Interpreter sommoning [summoning] witness before the Board 10
31st 13 Jno [John] Hildebrand Wages & subsistence for attending a mill for the Cherokees in the 4th quarter of 1812 49 32
" " 14 Timothy Meigs For goods furnished as pr. [per] Invoice sent to the Cherokees on Arkansas river 853 12
" " 15 Ditto For articles furnished for Sundry purposes Indian Department, see the account 189 61
" " 16 Nathan Wilkinson For 5 Spining [Spinning] wheels for Cherokees 15
" " 17 Wm [William] Ls Lovely For salary & Subsistence for the 4th quarter of the year 1812 125 76
" " 18 James Carey Inter. [Interpreter] For Do.. Do.. Do.. Do.. [Ditto] 91 25
" 19 Saml [Samuel] Riley Do [Ditto] For Do Do Do Do [Ditto] 100 76
20 Richard Taylor Do [Ditto] For Do.. Do.. Do.. Do.. [Ditto] 100 76
21 Wm [William] McAllister For Keeping horses for Indians Witnesses case Cormick v.s. Cherokee Nation 12 25
22 John Ross For Keel bottomed Boat to transport goods to Arkansas river bot [bought] 15th Decr. [December] the flat boat being insufficient 60 1907 83
$2088 84

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A Abstract of disbursements in the Cherokee Agency in the 4th quarter of the year 1812. $2088.84 Duplicate

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