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Title:[Letter] 1806 Feb. 17, Chickamaga [to] Return J. Meigs / Pathkiller and John Lowrey : a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: February 17, 1806
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written February 17th 1806 by Pathkiller, Principle Chief to the Cherokees and signed by John Lowrey. The letter is written to Return J. Meigs, Agent to the Cherokee. Pathkiller requests the help of Meigs to forcefully remove Dempsey Fields from the Cherokee Nation. Pathkiller also requests a doctors care for his people who have small pox.
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen Collection

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Chickamaga [Chickamauga]Feby [February]17th 1806
Friend Col. [Colonel] Meigs

My views for sending you this talk is to request you to use your authority [unclear: so as ] compell [compel] Dempsy Fields to leave bounds of the Cherokees , he is guilty of all the charges given against [added: him] last fall at S.W. point [South West Point] & more too, He has not only imposed on John Lowrey so as to give him his Daughter in Marriage, but has defrauded him out property to a considerable amount, He has left his wife & three children inBunkom [Buncombe] County (N.C.) by the information of John Welsh of said place, report says he left another in Cumberland , His conduct are very agravating [aggravate] to us, it has

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[has] the appearance of making game of us, He has been ordered out of the Nation but I find he still remains, he appears to defy your authority, by his refusal of going a step further than Dick Fields , I expect you will convince of his error, we never wish to [added: see] him again in our country. I am much in earnest in this request & beg you will not listen to the talks of any that may take his part I view him as a dangerous man, he has confessed that Dick Fields proposed the plan of runing [running] off horses, one to take & the other to find sale for them, this is one of my reasons among many for wishing him intirely [entirely] away. I am much surprised that Major Lovely should step forward in defence [defense] , of Fields, by recommeding [recommending] him to favour, he has opposed your intentions of sending [a way]

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away, Friend the small pox are spreading through nation & is got as low as [unclear: Mr [Mister] Browns ] , do Friend procure as quick as possible some of the cowpox & send it to Mr. Ross with out loss of time, we wish a Doctor to come on also possibly some of the Doctors of Knoxville or Maryville May be in position of the matter, if [added: not] procure it from the North and by the Post in complying with this request you will be instrumental in Saving many lives,

we are with much regard your friends &c
Pathkiller principle [added: chief]
Jno [John]Lowry
[added: N.B. please to pay the bearer six dollars & charge it to the Nation Be so kind as forward [unclear: Mr Blackburs ] letter, without delay]
Jno Lowry
Col. Meigs }

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[added: Pathkiller & J. Lowry's letter. Small Pox, Dempsey Fields &c. February 17th 1806 Mr Ross letter by Lontee a young Cherokee]

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