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Title:[Letter] 1806 March 24, Chickamaga [to] Return J. Meigs, Southwest Point / David Ross : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Ross, David

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Date: March 24, 1806
Extent: 3p
Summary:This document is a letter dated March 24, 1806 to Return J. Meigs from Daniel Ross of the Cherokee Nation. Ross has two requests; one is for smallpox vaccines and the other is to replace the current school teacher whom Ross refers to as "reprehensible."
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen Collection

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Col. [Colonel]Return J Meigs Southw. [Southwest] point
J.Wm. Coody [added: Daniel Ross's letter24 March 1806][added: Mr [Mister] Ross's letter24 March 1806]

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March 24th 1806Sir

Having understood Mr Clark have got the smallpox in his family, induces Mrs [Misses] McDonald to visit her grandson John altho [although] we have no doubt of his being well taken care of, under the disease by the family he is in_ We should have employed Doctor McNiel in this neighbourhood when he was down, but as some of the Chiefs did not appear willing to introduce the usual mode of enoculation [inoculation] , I did not think proper to make a begining [beginning] without their approbation, The Doctor's charges also appeared so unreasonable to all they prefered [preferred] taking their chances, till the kinepox could be brought into use, it being the kind the Pathkiller spoke for

It is understood with much satisfaction that you use your best endeavors to procure it, & that by this time you are in possession of it, and tho [though] Doctor McNeil does not appear to think so favourably of it as I do, I must still think the Nation will acknowledge with a greatful [grateful] heart that you are the saviour of many of them by its introduction through your means & in its purity. If Sir you are able to obtain [added: the] vacine [vaccine] before Mrs McDonalds & Joe Coody leaves the Point, be so good as to send me on some of the infection, with what directions you may have in your power to give, & I will [added: see] to its circulation

The letter put into your charge some time ago addressed to Mr Blackburn , was from the Pathkiller & John Lowrey , requesting the favour of another teacher to the school established here in the room of [unclear: Mr Dixon ] who has rendered himself, by his improper conduct very

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[very] reprehensible, but I find before that letter could be forwarded Mr Blackburn must have left home on his present tour, This school is capable of flurishing [flourishing] under any steady or reasonable man, Mr Blackburn cannot be worsted in his choice, & if he is willing to try us again with another tutor, I will again use my endeavours to forward the institution but it is not to be expected it will ever prosper under a madman or an imposter. Indeed I suspect with reason that to procure [unclear: a fit ] Indian to accompany him to [unclear: Ireland ] had more influence on Mr Dixon's coming to the Cherokees , than to teach the rising race in spelling & reading, as soon as he thought proper to breake [break] off from me he attached himself to the rabble of [of] the place, & Dempsey Fields became his bosom friend as well as some others of the same stamp & by the vouchers of such, he endeavours to justify his inconsistency, not one reputable name in his whole catalogue excepting Lowrey who was drawn in by imposition, & is now sory [sorry] for lending his name, I only make this remark to you Sir merely lest Dixon should have the folly to be loud in his complaints,

With sentiments of respect I am Sir your very Obt. Servt. [Obedient Servant]
Daniel Ross
Col. [Colonel] Return J. Meigs }

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