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Title:[Address of the Cherokee Chiefs to the Cherokee Nation, ca. 1806] : a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: ca. 1806
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a speech give by the young Cherokee Chiefs circa 1806 in Nine Towns. The young Chiefs try to dispel rumors of the old Chiefs selling land and say they should be praised for bringing peace to the Nation. They also chose a new "Beloved Man" to replace the one who died.
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen Collection

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[added: 1806[unclear: Sascta ]] The Talk to our own people this meeting_

We are met here nine Towns of us on the river, Though you are all sensible of it & we would wish for you all to hear us Talk in this country what is concluded on at this meeting_ we are met together at this place. we the younger Chiefs & we consider our old head men though we see but two or three of them now left on this quarter of our Nation & we think a great deal of them we have lost-our old head men who did rule the Nation & they were the people that made peace for us all & it is not right that the oldest head men should be turned of a side when the life is still in them when Death calls them away then we cant help it. We ought all to be sensible of this, that these old Chiefs were the means of our having peace with all the red people as will [added: as] the whites, & now turn them of it is wrong & we are the younger people to stand before them it does not look right & we must know that the old Chiefs ought to be by consulting their young Chiefs We the Cherokees ought all to use our old head men good for they were the men at first peace us all_

There is a story raised about them that they have sold land_ this thing cannot be done without the consent of our nation, and when land is sold we all know of it & also when land is sold by any of the red people round us we all know & hear it_ and we may expect it will be the case that land will be sold by our neighbours

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the Chickasaws we have no reason to disbelieve it, these are the people that our people ought to talk to about selling land_ & it would look better that those men who talks about our selling land, they ought to stop the Chickasaws from selling our land & not blame us_we remember very well that some time ago, that it was agreed on that this part of the nation should rule as far as Connasaga & now we have told you there are nine Towns of us met here together & consider that it is not right for some of you to come & bring your guns & point then to us. If we have done a fault you ought to send word to us & let us make everything straight_

If any of you does a fault we do not go there & shoot at your houses & point guns to none of your people_ as we before mentioned the decision to [added: us] far as Connasauga the head men done this in order that the people should get there presents equally & also if any should steal or do any thing that was bad the parties should punish the offender or transgressor by themselves_ & we also inform you that we expect that Colo. [Colonel] Meigs thought proper that them should be one to interpret & to write & read letters for us on this part of the nation_ John Thompson on this part & Charles Hicks on your part for when a letter comes to us we cannot do without one as Charles Hicks lives so far that he cannot be every where.

It was not expected that our Friend Hicks should be turned of but these two should talk for us all

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we expected that we should see some of you, but we expect that something has prevented your not coming, we now inform you the reason that we called a meeting at this place which was that we might appoint another Beloved man at this town in place of the one that died this winter_ & we expect that you will do the same in your part of the nation the same as we have done we must choose good men for our beloved men_

Friend we are met at this Town or place nine Towns & have heard all the talks & am Glad to hear the good talks we hope the Great spirit will conduct you all & put your minds together as one you have been talking three days & we hope our friend will consider well & take every thing into consideration, & for all our young Chief to be of one way of thinking & the older ones ought to be of one do the same. This is a talk from the new beloved man that is here appointed now called the Standing formerly called Jno [John] Thompson

Double Head
The Glass
Dick Justice
Town Bull
Turtle at home
Parch Flour
Red Bird & yechalle of wills Town

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[added: address of the C [Cherokee]. Chiefs to their Nation in the different parts]

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