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Title:[Letter] 1808 Mar. 5, Oosunaleh [to] Return J. Meigs, Indian agent, War Department / Cherokee Chiefs : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Cherokee Chiefs

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Date: March 5, 1808
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter to Return J. Meigs, agent to the Cherokee Indians, from the Cherokee Chiefs. The Chiefs complain that the government is allowing too many "white people" to move onto Cherokee land.
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen Collection

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March 5th 1808Friend & Brother

We received your letter of the 8th of last month, we consider you as the organ of the United States to the Cherokees , who no doubt have instructed you to do us justice avoiding to the existing treaties we consider ourselves as nation of people, who are to be governed by a majority of the apointed [appointed] Chiefs, but cannot in no case be governed by what two[unclear: extra ] men does_

We consider ourselves bound to protect us a privilege which has ever Governed by our former Chiefs_ you certainly ought to know that we [added: would] atempt [attempt] to Destroy the result of a Deliberate Majority of the Chiefs In Council

We recollect when you held a treaty at Tellico four years ago which time you said, the Cherokees were making you a boy be cause [because] we had appointed John Lowry John McLemore broom and Tallotiskee to treat with you, now we cannot suppose you would have treated with these men you termed boys, we cannot consider ourselves bound to be governed by a treaty concluded by a meniority [minority]

you say we ought to consider well on these poor white people we know what we have passed in our former Council, respecting them single men has been privileged to remain in our nation, till term of hire is out and you yourself have encouraged them to marry our women

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and then they would be come as one of our people but we never privileged familys [families] to come in as labourers and you say if you we open our ears to the Discontented people that we should always have trouble and our friends

now we tell you, you are the very person that causes, the Disturbance by [unclear: permiting ] white women and Children to come into the nation as labourers_ and that too on publick [public] lands who without the per Sanction by the Chiefs in council

you say you Dont Countenance renting lands we will tell who rented lands John Walker John Rodgers one hundred Dollars a year for three [added: years] this Dont look like raising corn and you appear to encourage leasing our lands to [unclear: Idleness ] instead of encouraging our people_

young [unclear: reats ] to dusk

Turtle at home to Majr [Major]. Rusell on brave Creek Saml [Samuel] Riley _ this is all before not far distance

You say we misconceive respecting the removal Mr Hall we have nothing to say and we may be wrong but we think if you had move Black Smith to the valley towns the poorest part of the nation, we should have thought better of it, then to have removed him to where this there is [unclear: Somaspy ] Shop so near_

we inform you that great number of moveing [moving] familys comes out of Georgia by High tower to the [unclear: Fox town ] which road was objected to in the war office and these Travellers goes through a part of the wilderness where the Creeks resorts and we shall expect you will [unclear: prohibit ]

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Traveling it as we shall not think bound to them protect them or their property or Deem it ought to be brought to be [unclear: truley[added: nt] ] against Cherokees should the [they] meet with loss and send a paper & to that purport and we will turn to the federal road_

Chubroah Kutuwaskee Sour Mush Tuskegawhee Sanannueu Crying Son Culsawathu Katihee
[added: Col [Colonel]. Return J Meigs ]

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Coln. [Colonel] Return J. Meigs Agent War Depart [Department]Highwassee
[added: Letter from the
Cherokee Chiefs at
Eustamalle 5 March

answered the 14 March 1808]

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