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Title:[Invoice] 1809 Mar.-Oct., The United States to Return J. Meigs, Agent to the Cherokee Nation : a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: October 23, 1809
Extent: 2p
Summary:This document is an invoice dated 1809 from the United States to Return J. Meigs for services rendered as agent to the Cherokee Indians.
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen Collection

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The United States To Return J. Meigs __Dr. [Debtor] 1809
March 25 To 14 days expences [expenses] in obtaining money & on Journey to Nashville to pay Capt [Captain]. G.C. Prussel Company 7th Regt [Regiment]. additional troops 150 cts pr [cents per] day 21.00
To cash paid Eddington for his assistance 6 days & expences in bringing money--- 12.00
To cash paid Berltain Goodwin for man & horse 3 days & expences in bringing money had in charge 5000 dollars----- 3.00
April 9th To cash expended on a tour to Knoxville to pay Capt. [Captain] Seviers Rifle Company 7 days @ 150 ct pr [cents per] day 10.50
May 20th To cash expended on a Journey to Knoxville to procure money 5 days at 120 cts pr day--- 6.00
June 12th To 51 days service in removing Intruders off Indian lands commencing 21st April ending June at 3$ pr day--- 153.00
"" [June 12th] To expences for self & waiter with 2 horses @ 250 ct per 127.50
July 8th To cash expended on a Journey to Knoxville to procure money 7 days with 2 horses @ 185 ct pr day 12.98
Augst [August] 10th To cash expended on 2 Journeys to Kingston to prosecute Shaffer & Drain charged with killing a Cherokee Indian, 9 days at 150 ct pr day--- 13.50
Octor [October]1st To Salary for one year commencing 1st Octor 1808 ending 30th September 1809----at-- 1400.00
To 365 days rations 6 rations pr day 2190 rations at 16 cts........... 350.40
To 12 months forage for 1 horse at 6$ pr mo... 72.00

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1809 To the amount brot [brought]. over........ 2181.88
October 9th To cash expended on a Journey to Knoxville to procure money for the Indian Department 10 days at 150 pr day... 15.00
Octor 23rd To cash expended on a Journey to Knoxville to attend to the trial of Mahalalel Drain charged with killing a Cherokee Indian named Blackbird 9 days at 150... 13.00
[added: No. 14
Return J. Meigs
Account ―$2209.88―][added: 1809]

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