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Title:[Letter] 1795 Oct. 24, Nashville, [Tennessee to] Col[onel] David Henley, Knoxville, [Tennessee] / J[ames] L. Robertson : a machine-readable transcription of an image
Author:Robertson, James

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: October 24, 1795
Extent: 3p
Summary:This document is a letter written by General James L. Robertson to Colonel David Henley of Knoxville, dated October 24, 1795. In the letter, Robertson warned Henley about the Creek Indians, who, although they appeared to be seeking peace with the United States and neighboring tribes, had been instigating hostilities with the Chickasaw Indians. Robertson described a battle between the two tribes, which he stated was initiated by a Creek offensive, yet concluded by a Chickasaw victory. Robertson explained that the attack would prevent the Chickasaws from hunting, which in turn would require the US government to send more provisions. The letter concluded with Robertson offering Henley a proposal to purchase land. Enclosed with the letter was a copy of a letter written by Chickasaw chief Pioming (referred to by Robertson as Opiomingo), which further described the Creeks' hostility and asked for assistance from the US government.
Collection:Henley Papers

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Nashville October 24th 1795

I take the liberty of troubling you with these lines, believing they will give you intelligiance [intelligence] which may be pleasing to you as well as all the other Officirs [Officers] of the General Govermint [Government][unclear: unk ]

Although the Creeks are at peace with the United States , the deceptive conduct they have made use of, with the officirs [officers] of government, in getting them to Midiate [Mediate] a peace between them & the Chickasaws at the very time they were Midiating [Mediating] the reverse against the latter Tribe, and actually marching [unclear: against (document damaged) ] them, cannot be pleasing, or promise any [unclear: Just (document damaged) ] grounds for a reliance on their Talks. This morning Sergeant Casselman returned from the Chickasaw Nation with the following information_ that about the 20th Ultim [Ultimo] A large body of Creeks attacked the Chickasaws in their Town, no doubt, with intent to reduce some of their Forts as the Creeks had Stocks [unclear: prepared (document damaged) ] to secure prisoners. As I have inclosed [enclosed] you a copy of Opiomingo 's letter to me, I need only give you such information as that letter does not contain. Since he wrote, one killed Some wounded Creek has been found, this makes the amount 26 in all which they gotten. This action has[unclear: much ] animated the Chickasaws (tho [though] they say they are still willing to be at peace if the Creeks really

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wish it) they took our Pack-Horse loaded with amunition [ammunition]

Tho [Though] they ask for men to assist them I think they do not expect them, for the reasons I gave them when in their Nation

you will see that the Creeks have got a [unclear: compleat [complete] ] flogging as they well deserved and returned home with the Loss of all their baggage [unclear: se ]. This attack on the Chickasaws makes them give up all hopes of Hunting this Season, and I suppose will need much more Provisions from the United States than if they could.

The Land I was offering to you, I have sold for one thousand dollars; but if you have a desire to purchase one or two 640 acre Tracts for your [unclear: (document damaged) ], I will let you have them on [unclear: Warpath ] at [unclear: (faded) ] a dollar per acre, and others are selling at a dollar, if you incline to accept of my proposals, please to write me, or Mr. Courton — I hope you have got safe through the Wilderness.

I have the Honor to be
your Obt Humb Servt [Obedient Humble Servant]
J. [James] L. Robertson
[added: Col D [Colonel David] Henley]

Col [Colonel] David Henley agent Department of War Knoxville [added: NJ. White ]
[added: Nashville
24 October 1795
General Robertson
Letter respecting the
Choctaw & Creeks battle]

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