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Title:[Letter] 1827, Feb.21, Philadelphia [to] Miss Ann J[ane] Bell, Charlotte, Tennessee / Dr. John Bell : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Bell, John, Dr.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: February 21, 1827
Extent: 4p
Summary:This a letter from Dr. John Bell to his sister Jane Bell dated February 21, 1827. John congratulates Jane on her new profession, and he informs her that he has taken on new student . He writes about a widow whom he befriended and who has sent a book for Jane. He also writes of a woman named Mrs. Griffith in New Jersey who has named her farm "Charles Hope" in honor of Sir Walter Scott. The woman is apparently a great agriculturalist, as well as a writer. Finally, he writes of a lady friend in France whose brother recently passed away.
Collection:Bell Collection IV-H-1

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Philadelphia Febry [February] 21st 1827

[added: I was present in the early part of last month with a small select party at the wedding of my old friend Miss Hamilton now Mrs Corbin .—] Though I have two of your letters, my dear sister, before me unanswered yet I shall only acknowledge the debt of one, since I anticipated a reply to the first by mine of the 1st January. I congratulate you on your success in your new profession, and in doing so must compliment myself for having long ago insisted on your ability in this way. Independent of the satisfaction you experience at the contemplation of your spending your time thus usefully, you will I doubt not have reason to be pleased with your occupation as a means of making for yourself useful friends whose advice countenance and assistance may hereafter be of no small moment. I can at present do no more than heartily approve of your scheme of giving the girls in succession the advantage of schooling in Nashville . Do all you can at the same time to prevent William from being spoiled before I assume the direction of his movements — On the score of superintendance [superintendence] I forget whether I mentioned to you in a former letter my having a third student, a Mr. Smith from Orange

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Co. Va. [County Virginia] : he has been with me since the fall

A conveyance for your shawl and veil offered about ten days ago— of which I availed:— it was with the goods of Mr. Shirley of your place. With them I also sent a book, with which I am sure you will be pleased, not only from it being the work of a highly gifted female, who to her merit as a poet adds the charm of the purest, & most elevated religious feelings; but also, from its being presented to you by another female of un ordinary intellectual endowments, who is kind enough to call herself my friend. But let not your overactive imagination mislead you in this case — the lady is a widow of about eight & forty. true she has daughters but it was not through their intervention or acquaintance with them that I acquired their esteem. While at Mrs. Frazier's she became my patient and required a good deal of attention for which she thinks she cannot be too grateful — Dissatisfied with my bill as too low, she presented me with a handsome seal & key, as a momento [memento], and took such an interest in my feelings & probable little bachelor wants as quite to throw me out of my usual armour [armor] of reserve & pride. Among my first proof of confidence I usually allude to my sister, and on this occasion I was soon

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asked various questions about that sister. Both she & her daughter married in this city seemed evidently to feel the hardship of our seperation [separation] without my even alluding to it: they entered into our feelings without asking for explanations, and I had the satisfaction of observing that you occupied a place in their thoughts and without solicitation on my part elicited a share of their sympathies. Mrs. Griffith herself, who is now gone home, resides near New Brunswick N [New] Jersey , on a farm, which she has called in compliment to Sir Walter Scott "Charles Hope "— She is a scientific & practical agriculturist and horticulturist — & an authoress of these and lighter literature and graver science — She corresponds regularly with Miss Edgworth [Edgeworth] . I give you there [their] details because they will I am sure interest you, connected as they are both with any professional advancement & pleasurable feelings —

I received lately a letter from my French friend announcing the death of her only brother just opening into manly bloom — Her sister in Pittsbugh Mrs. Barlow no sooner head [heard] of this event than she set out for the seaboard, — & embarked for France where she had arrived in December last. This unlooked for arrival after a nine years absence restored Harriet to herself, and substituted in her bosom joy for mourning. Nothing from Richmond With love to Sally——

I remain Your ever affectionate Brother
John Bell

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Miss Ann J. [Jane] Bell Care Mrs. Scott Nashville Charlotte Tennessee

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