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Title:[Letter] 1838 Jan 1, Clover Dale, Ten[nessee] [to] Mrs. Ann Jane Bell, Oil Creek, Venango Co., PA / Margaret Bell : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Bell, Margaret

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: January 1, 1838
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter from Margaret Bell to her sister Ann Jane Bell dated January 1, 1838. Margaret and their mother are glad that Jane is happy in her new home, and they hope that the fresh country air will speed her recovery in a way that the city could not. She writes there are a great many weddings going on in Clover Dale. One of the grooms is the teacher at the new boy's school. There is also now a girl's school. They celebrated Christmas differently, with prayer meetings instead of parties. She writes about who has received religion and how they have changed as a result. She also reports the death of a Mrs. Gould in her post script.
Collection:Bell Collection IV-H-1

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Clover Dale Jan [January] 1st 1838
My dear sister

Your letter to Mother we received, which afforded us all much pleasure to hear that you are pleased with your new home, as you are living in the country the hills, and woods no doubt remind you of Dickson . we hope the country will restore your health which the city air has failed to do, Mother is very anxious to know how the sabbath is spent at the furnace, and if there is a Church near you she also wishes to know if you have any neighbours [neighbors] and how you are pleased with them. All your friends have expressed a great desire to see you, the first question is when did you hear from Ann Jane and when is she coming to see you? There has been prayer meetings and sunday schools in Charlotte this Christmas in place of balls and parties, There is at present a male and female school in Charlotte , Mr. Lee from R [Rhode] Island , a baptist preacher, and Mrs. Cain are the teachers, they have seperate [separate] schools, Mr. Lee is a b[added: e]au of Mrs. Fanons , he is 10 years younger than she is, Sally and myself was at the [unclear] of Harpeth a few weeks since, and atended [attended] a 2 day meeting, near Mr. Robertsons , Major Evaline

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Mary Bell . Cornelia Carter . and Mrs. [unclear: Rearveth ] who was returning home from Nashville , accompany us to the meeting, Mary Bell fell from her horse in to the river as we were going, and would have been drowned, but for the timely assistance of the Major. we stayed one night at Mr. Robertsons and was very much pleased with our visit, Mr. R [Robertson] is so much alter[added: e]d that you could not but be pleased in his society, as the change for the better has renderd [rendered] him quite sociable and agreeable Caroline has been immersed and the children all christined [christened] the change in her is very perceivable and the Major is an altered man, though he has not professed religion yet, he is anxiously seeking it, the children have grown very much since we saw them last. and have lost all their beauty, I can no longer boast of a pretty Bell though the youngest is quite an interesting child, and is very much like his father. Evaline has become very neat in her dress and house Mrs. Gould is very sick at this time and has been for the last 2 or 3 weeks, they entertain very little hopes of her recovery at this time, it is by far the [added: most] severest attack she has ever had in Charlotte , Mrs. Walters has been staying with her for some weeks, she has broke very much since I saw her last, We spent our christmas very agreeably part of the time at Squire Coladwells [Caldwell's] , and the rest at home with some of the Charlotte gentry, and our country frie[added: n]ds

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We have found the Smith family to be quite agreeable particularly Prior since his conversion, he exorts [exhorts] and prays very well, You will be a little surprised to hear that Montgomery Caldwell and Eizabeth Bell are to be married the last of this month, his friends are not so very well pleased with his choice, particularly Mary and Orville they think Montgomerys wife ought to be some what different, or rather superior I should have said, James Gould has been courting Eizabeth for the last 6 months and is very much disappointed to find M [Montgomery] has cut him out, there are several weddings on the carpet, [unclear: Missoura ] Smith and Theo Collier , Mrs. Davis & John Steel , Mrs. Fanon and Mr. Lee , Dr. Hudson has declined moving and intends farming and practising in this neighborhood, Dr. Carter has just returned from Arkansaw [Arkansas] with his negroes and is going to live in [gap] Mr. Cunningham is going to move tomorrow to yellow creek he has purchased a farm in the neighbourhood [neighborhood] of Bolthrops , Capt. [added: William] Reynolds is coming to live at the place he lift [left], Dear sister I am a little surprised at you who knows my disposition so well and knowing tow [too] that I am by nature a little inclined to be indolent to sit me on a sofa to read novels would not do for me, I fear it would be indulging to, the pride in me which I am evry [every] day said to possess to an eminent degree by those who do not know me as well as you do. I received a letter from Sarah Wade they are all well Mr. W [Wade] says he was acquainted with brother Samuel

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and sisters, that he is like all of the Bells of our connection a very fine man, When you write let us know how brother John and Aunt Williams' family are, We are very anxious to know when you and brother Sam are coming to see us, your friends are all very anxious to see him. all the family join with me in love to you and brother S [Samuel] we are all well except bad colds

Your affectionate sister
M. [Margaret] V. Bell .
Charlotte Ten [Tennessee] Jany [January] 12th 1838} Mrs. Ann Jane Bell Cornplanter Post Office Oil Creek . Venango County Penn. [Pennsylvania]
] Mrs. Gould died on the 4th at halfpast 12 Oclock [O'clock] at night her corpse was taken to F Nashvill [Nashville] the next day Sally has been staying with her all week and has not returned home, yet, so we do not know the particulars respecting her death, Sally will write soon
MVB [Margaret V. Bell]

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