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Title: [Letter] 1838 March 28, Clover Dale, TN [to] Mrs. Ann Jane Bell, Cornplanter, Venango Co., PA / Margaret V. Bell : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Bell, Margaret V.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: March 28, 1838
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter from Margaret V. Bell to her sister Ann Jane Bell dated March 28, 1838. Margaret writes that many of the weddings mentioned in her last letter did not happen. Mr. Lee has stopped preaching because people have stopped going to hear him. Apparently he did something the community did not approve of. He is still running the school, now with his new wife, Elizabeth Roberts. Margaret thanks Jane for the gifts she sent, especially some monogram thimbles and shields. The family's candidate for circuit court clerk, John C. Collier won the election. The family has been reading Young's Night Thoughts and greatly enjoying it. She writes of improvements to the farm and domestic chores. The family is well except their father who is weak and feeble. She also mentions a girl named Elennora as the belle of Nashville.
Collection:Bell Collection IV-H-1

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Clover Dale March 28th 1838
[added: Give our respects to Miss Gormly , Yours sincerely Margaret. V. Bell .]Dear Sister

It was not ingratitude in me nor neglect that I did not thank you for those articles, I thought Sally told you how much we were pleased with our merino dresses and scarfs. belts. gloves. [unclear]. they are the miration [admiration] of the neighbourhood [neighborhood], one of the scarfs are I think almost to [too] fine for our present circumstances. As for the thimbles and shields, they fit as well as if you had our fingers to try them on The shields are something so new that some do not know what finger to put them on, or whether they are to go on the fingers or not, when I have mine on I find it so usefull [useful] that I am at a loss to know how I used to do with out one. Our names I think looks very pretty on the thimbles, Caroline tried the contents of the vial, once, but it did not have the desired effect. Those expected weddings which I spoke of in my last letter are all a blank Mr. Roberson would not consent for Martha to marry such a stranger as Mr. Lee was then, his conduct since he has been in Charlotte is not justifible [justifiable] in a preacher, he has declined

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preaching, or rather the people will not go to hear him. He was married last week to Elizabeth Roberts nice [niece] of Dr. Roberts . Mrs. Lee is to assist him in his school, she is to take charge of the female department Letticia [unclear: Trier ] was married last week to John Ragan , Sally Hundles old beau, Squire Caldwell gave them a dinner the next day, we were not there, none but those in the immediate neighbourhood were invited, Mary C has not returned from Shelbyville , Mrs. Hudson has a daughter, A sister of Dr. Hudsons is on a visite [visit] there at present, she is not very young nor very pretty, but quite agreeable, And to use the common phrase a very good ev[added: e]ry day sort of a girl. Sally Adams has lost a fine son, the Old Lady and Sam was very much distressed because it was so pretty. Our new neighbours [neighbors] are equally as good as Mr. Cunningham . Mr. Collier starts for the city in a few days; We have as usual at this season of the year been fiting [fitting] fine all week There has been a great excitement for 2 months past respecting the candidates for the clirk [clerk] of the circuit court. John C Collier and Mr. James were the candidates, but as might be expected John C [Collier] was elected All we the friends of Mr. C. [Collier] left nothing unt[added: r]ied which would promote his interest, Mother even went so far as to tell some if they did not vote for him never to come here again.

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Mr. Scott is here occasionly [occasionally] and is highly entertaining giving us quotations from Shakespeere Milton and Young , he gave Sally Youngs Night Thoughts, we are all very much pleased with it, it is for who will give the most quotations from it, I am very much pleased with the Young Lady's Friend. Mary C. thinks it is to strict, I have learned from it how to prevent the holes in the heels of my fine stockings, by lining them with the tops of old ones, We have just taken 40 yards of plain cloth out of the looms for sheeting shirting and some very pretty corded skirts, Mother is drying blue. green. [added: and] copperas for our frocks, which we will put in the loom in a fen[gap] is making a great many improvements [gap] farm, he has fenced in the orchards and [gap] back of the garden, including the cornlot [corn lot] meadow and barn field all of which he intends puting [putting] in corn, we have 3 new gates, which improves the looks of the place very much, one at the garden one at the draw bars , and the other at the new lain [lane] between the garden and the orchard Will , is the steadyest [steadiest] and most industrious farmer in the county, he is also very economical he will not purchase an article in Charlotte without paying for it, by selling corn and pork he has payed all of Fathers debts except Mr. Collier I know you will rejoice with us to hear he has a clear receipt from Henry Napier , his account amounted to $149.

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William has not been in town for 2 weeks, we were then disappointed in not receiving a letter from you as we have not heard from you in some time. Will , does not go to town only when he has very particular business, therefore you must not expect a letter evry male [every mail], We are all well, Fathers health is as good as usual, though he is weak and feeble, [added:

Charlotte Ten [Tennessee] Mar [March] 30. 1838 } [added: 25] Mrs. Ann Jane Bell . Cornplanter . Venango County . Pa [Pennsylvania] .
] Elennora is the belle of Nashville , she dresses in the very extreme of the fashion, and coquets with every gentleman of her acquaintance, Your friends all desire to be remembered to you We all join in love to you and brother Sam ,

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