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Title:[Letter] 1837, April 17th, Clover Dale, TN [to] Miss Ann Jane Bell, Philadelphia, [PA] / Sarah B. Bell and M[argaret] V. Bell : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Bell, Sarah, B.
Author:Bell, Margaret, V.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: April 17, 1837
Extent: 4p
Summary:These are two letters written together to Ann Jane Bell dated April 17, 1837. They are from her sisters, Sarah B. Bell and Margaret V. Bell. Sarah has had a cold this week. She writes of where some people are going to school. James Gould has bought them some gifts that he has been unable to send them. She mentions how well liked a preacher named Mr. Pope is. She also says that the weather has been good for the fruit trees. Margaret writes of the muster they recently hosted. Their mother wanted to listen to a Mr. Allen's speech. Apparently the ladies were not allowed to actually attend it. They sat on the porch and had Mr. Allen speak very loudly. She also summarizes the happenings in the neighbors.
Collection:Bell Collection IV-H-1

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Clover Dale April 17th 1837
My dear Sister

I wrote you the week after you left, which I hope you have received ere this, we are all very anxious to hear from you, I thought you would certainly have written a few lines to us from Cincti [Cinncinnati] or Pittsburg [Pittsburgh] , Mr. T Collier read part of his brothers letter to us, saying you were well and in exc[added: el]lent health, that you spent a day with your cousin Mr. W. Bell , that he drunk [drank] tea with them, and was very much pleased with the family particularly the young ladies who sung [sang] and played charmingly. We received a letter last week for you from brother John , I opened it before I thought of their [there] being any thing in it but what you would have read to us, which was the case, he can tell you there was nothing in it worth preserving or sending to you, I will burn it if you wish, we also received one from Ellennora her brother was here at the time and knew her hand writing, tell her I should judge from the tenor of her letter, she was agreeably disappointed to find Mr. Collier was still a single man, give our love to her. You must have taken brother on surprise as he did not expect you so soon, were I in your place I would feel much better satisfied now, than if I were under obligations to any of the Citizens of Nashville as some of them would not turn round to oblige you, William wrote a post script to my letter in Charlotte , informing you that James Gould could not send on your parsel [parcel] this spring or summer, as their [there] are no persons going on with whom he could send the Mr. and Mrs. Pearl have declined going this year, he purchased some articles for you I do not know what they were, we desired him

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to take them back, but as he purchased them in different stores, he could not return them, he wishes to get clear of them, and he is quite anxious to send them down here. I wish you were here to see how well every thing looks, the fruit trees are in full bloom, in fact every thing speaks well for a good crop of fruit this year. Mr. Marshel and a Mr. Pope are our circuit Preachers this year, the latter one is thought to be the best we have ever had on this circuit. Jane Caldwell is in Shelbyville going to school, Caroline is at school in Franklin , Mary is also there on a visit at this time, she wishes you to write her soon, as she is desirous of corresponding with you, she forgot to name it to you the last evening she saw you I have had one of my bad kind of colds this week, which you know always makes me very sick I could say a great deal more, but Margaret wishes to give you a splendid discription [description] of the muster.

ever your affectionate Sister.
Sarah B. Bell.

dear Sister

You can easily imagine how much you are missed by us all, some of your friends are wondering how we shall possibly do without you. Dr. Carter observed last week when he was here at muster, if he remained in Dickson much longer he would lose all his friends. All the necessary arrangements were made in due time for the muster viz. [videlicet] plastering white washing, painting, &c &c &c [et cetera et cetera et cetera] though it snowed in the evening, and the day was very cold, it all passed off as it should have done, 16 gentlemen dined with us that day.

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Your perticulars [particulars], The. Dr. C. , Capt. V , and Messrs [unclear: Ro &. T. M. Weilly. ] were of the number, the candidates for the assembly delivered their speeches in the evening Mother requested Mr. Allen to speak loud so she wou[added: ld] hear him in the poarch, we heard part of his speach [speech] very distinctly, Capt. N , you know is offering for second Col, he made a speach [speech] and it was pronounced by good judges to be first rate, one of the candidates said he would make a speach equal to [unclear: Sissily ] , Dr. Carter was of the opinion, Cicero would [added: be] left quite in the shade, your friend The , was highly entertaining I wish you had seen his jestures [gestures]. and heard his exclimation [exclamation] when he heard Eleanora was so anxious [gap] return home, and also to have seen the manner [gap] which he handed us the Chinese [unclear: purrle ] which [gap] had given him, by way of amusement, when he saw the books, he exclaimed if there was two books written on the subject he would not attempt to put the pices [pieces] in the box ! Mrs. Fanar has left Charlotte and is living in Pulaski , Mrs Gould is again keeping house she occupies Mrs. F. house, Eleanora thinks the Dr. is very much like you, only a little handsomer — — Mr. L. Adams is very attentive to Miss Hurdle , and I think it very pro[added: b]able [added: he] will be the accepted one, the Old Lady finds it very expensive entertaining her beaux, they eat so much of her flour. Mother bought some beautiful flour from Mr. Vunlier , just from St. Louis . for the [unclear] the puffs with some of Cousin David's preserves on them [unclear] was too delicious to talk about, give our love to Eleanora , We all join in love to you & brother John

I remain your affectionate sister
M. [Margaret] V. Bell
[added: excuse this, as I have no [gap] to have some the next letter I write.]

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[added: Answered May 8th]

Charlotte Tnn [Tennesse] Apl [April] 19th[added: }] [added: 25] Miss Ann Jane Bell .Care of Dr. John Bell . Philadelphia .

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