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Title:[Letter] 1837, June 27, Clover Dale, TN [to] Miss Ann Jane Bell, Philadelphia, [PA] / Sarah Bell : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Bell, Sarah

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: June 27, 1837
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter from Sarah Bell to her sister Ann Jane Bell dated June 27, 1837. She complains that her family would not let her write to Jane because they were worried Jane would not want to pay the postage. She writes that the family has been concerned for her and that their mother wants to know what kind of medicine she is taking. Sarah updates Jane on the news from the neighborhood, sicknesses, marriages, etc. The sisters are trying to decide between a barbecue or a speech on temperance as their July 4th activities. Margaret has greatly enjoyed the book The Three Eras of a Woman's Life. They did not like Mrs. Cary's book because she thinks that all women should be punished for what Eve may have done, and the sisters do not agree. Sarah wants to be sure that Jane will send her a copy of her piece on Presentiment and her anecdote.
Collection:Bell Collection IV-H-1

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Clover Dale . June 27th 1837
My dear Sister.

I have been very anxious to write you for some time past, but the others wished to write, and would not consent to my writing, they thought you would not like to pay the postage of so many letters, I said you must have changed very much since you left home, if you would not be willing to receive a letter from us at any time, and I intended asking you if I might not write to you when ever I wished. It has been some weeks since we received a letter from you, which makes us all feel very anxious fearing you are sick, which I hope is not the case, as I still have a strong presentiment your health will improve, and it is with pleasure I look forward to that period, which I hope is not far distant when, you will return to us as well and cheerful as ever. I miss you more and more every day, if I see hear or read any thing that strikes my fancy, I invariably think of repeating it to you, but the sad recholection [recollection] soon returns, you are absent. We were all agreeably surprised last week, in receiving several numbers of the Presbyterian, it is what we have often wished for, it is not as large a paper as the Nashvill [Nashville] Presbyterian but I think it equally as good, yesterday we received Atkinson's Saturday evening news, if all is an it, that it speaks of, it must be quite interesting, my Father complains of the bad print. I hope they are not an additional expence [expense] to brother, as the directions are in your hand writing, we think you have the reading of them. Mother wishes me to say as you are an invalid, you

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ought not to sit up late, and to rise early, she wishes to know if brother allows you much medicine and what kind you take. I saw Mr. Collier last week, as usual, he was very polite, I delivered your message to him, he said, he was afraid he fell short of that attention which he ought to have shown you, but that he told you to attribute it altogether to his inexperience in waiting on ladies, he was glad to to hear his friends had not forgot him, and send his best respects to you all. Catherine Clement was married some time since, to Mr. Ingum of Dover a widower whose wife died of the Cholera when in that place, her request was if he ever did get married, to have Catherine , her sister Mrs. [unclear: Balis ] I expect is dead, Mr. Collier said it was thought she was dying when he left Yellow creek . John Gould is very low with the conjestive [congestive] fever, Dr. Hudson and lady have been with him this last week, he has no hopes of his recovery, Mrs. G. [Gould] has been in a very low state of health all Spring, I am afraid it will go very hard with her, your company would do her good at this time. Caroline and Margaret read the introduction to Mrs. Cary's letters, and condem[added: n]ed the whole book, they thought her too severe in the course of life a woman should lead, if Eve did eat the forbidding fruit, they were not Eve , and had no right to make themselves servants for what she had done. Margaret has just finished reading the Three Eras of a womans life, she says it is the first time her eyes have been opened to he difference in the charactor [character] of persons, and thinks it will do her more good than any book she ever read. Dr Carter is to have a barbecue near his house the fouth [fourth] of July, Mr. Pope is to give us Temperance oration the

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same day at New Hope , and as usual, Margaret is at a stand which to give up. Mr. Vanlier does not expect to go on to your city before fall, Mr. C. [Collier] says if you are as anxious to see home as you were where he left, you will return with Ellennora , and not wait for spring. You speak of writing a piece on Presentiment which you must be sure to send us, you have not sent us that original anecdote which you promised we should see. My Father says he has no recollection of Dr. Starks and does not know where he ever saw him. What Mrs. Bell is it you speack [speak] of in your letters? Let us know when you heard from cousin Eliza and her Mother and how they are prospering in their New Country.

Margaret desires you to tell Ellennora Mr. C. [Collier] intends writing to Mr. Henry to thank him for h [gap] attention to her during his absence.

It is reported Amanda Napier is going to be married to a Mr. Barrow of Nashville Since I wrote the above, I have understood John Gould is much better. Caroline and I were at preaching yesterday. Mr. Marshal returned home with us, he is a very plesant [pleasant] and agreeable man, he inquired very particularly for you, and if you had become reconciled, I hope their prayers will be blessed to the salvation of our souls, Write often my dear sister as nothing gives us more pleasure than to receive a letter from you. They all join me in love to you and brother

your ever affectionate Sister
Sarah Bell

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Charlotte Tn [Tennessee] July 2 [added: }][added: 25] Miss Ann Jane Bell .Care of Dr. John Bell . Philadelphia .
[added: Answered August 1st]

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