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Title:[Letter] 1837, Dec 1, Clover Dale, TN [to] Mrs. Ann Jane Bell, Oil Creek, Venango Co., PA / Sarah B. Bell : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Bell, Sarah B.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: December 1, 1837
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter from Sarah Bell to her sister Mrs. Ann Jane Bell, dated Dec. 1, 1837. Sarah describes the reactions of family and friends to the news of Anne Jane's recent and unexpected marriage. She also writes that the Cumberland Presbyterians have formed a church in Charlotte, and she comments on who has converted or professed religion. She thanks Jane for the many presents the family has just received from her. Sarah further writes a bit about the farm and the neighbors.
Collection:Bell Collection IV-H-1

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Clover Dale . Dec 1st 1837.
My dear Sister

We were all very much surprised two weeks since on receiving a letter from brother anouncing [announcing] your marriage, your last letter to my Father gave us to hope you would soon be a member of our family again. Little did I think when we parted you would take a step, that would seperate [separate] us so far, yet I cannot bear the idea we are seperated [separated] for ever, but hope you will yet visit Clover Dale . It is impossible to describe the astonishment it created in Charlotte and the neighbourhood [neighborhood]. Margaret and I attended a two days meeting in Charlotte this week, they had heard of it the week before but did not believe it, the first question was is your sister Jane married, Mr. [unclear: Varies ] says one consolation, you have not changed your name, if he had known Mr. Bell was to be your husband, he would have noticed him more particularly. Mr. Wm. [William] Guthrie laugh [added: ed] when he heard it, and said he allways [always] thought you would get married he had understood you lived at home to educate your sisters and that was accomplished you done right. Mary Caldwell says she [added: never] knows the reason why you could not write to her, she will excuse [added: you] and is going to write to you. All your acquaintances and friends send love and congratulations to you with out measure. Mrs. Collier sends her love to you and says the book you sent her was the first thing that

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ever made [added: Mr.] Colier think seriously of religion, of which he is now a sincere seeker. Major Bell is still quite anxious to obtain religion him and Eveline speak of going on to see you in a year or so. The Cumberland Presbyterians formed a church in Charlotte last week consisting of 40 members, there were three elders ordained, Christopher Dickson was one of them, There is still a warm interest expressed among the people on the subject of religion, and a great many converts since I wrote you, Miss Sally Walker has professed religion.

Ellennora is now in Nashville , her Father intends living there so I expect we will not see her often, she wished to stay with us till after Christmass [Christmas] but her Father would not consent. Amanda Napier was married last week to Mr. Lee , there were none presant [present] except the attendants who were Elizabeth Bell , James Gould , Ellennora and Mr. B Collier . We did not receive our box till this week every thing pleases us very much, you may know there is a change wrought in Margaret when she thinks the scarfs to [scarves too] fine for our present circumstances.

Mother says her braid was quite an unexpected presant she is very much pleased with the book you sent her.

Mrs. Davis is very much pleased with the Souvenir you sent her, and the beautiful slip of paper that was in it with her name on it, as she expressed it, Orvill Caldwell is quite anxious to see you since he professed religion, he says you are as well acquainted with his disposition as any other person, he has one favor to ask of you, which he wishes [added: you] to grant, that is to send him a book that you think will suit him.

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Wm. would have writen [written] to you before this, but has been so much ingaged [engaged] in the corn buisiness [business] this fall he has not thought of any thing but corn, with the help of Mr. Young 4 months he made 280 [unclear: lbs ] which he thinks will bring him in some money next Spring. Mr. Cunningham will leave us some time this winter, we do not know yet who will be our next neighbour [neighbor] I am fearful we never will get as good a one. Mr. Scot is now clerk at the furnace below us, he has been up several times to see us he is as full of flattery as ever. We have the same circuit Preachers we had last year one of them, Mr. Marshal was married last week to a sister of John L. Smith whom you have heard Preach. Presbytery will hold in Charlotte next spring. Several of your friends wish you had been here three or four months past, to witness the warm excitement there is on the subject of religion a great many of the old Presbyerians now believe strongly in camp meetings, religion is now almost the only subject of conversation. Mrs. Adkinson [unclear: Arrabellar ] West that was died last week of a lingering consumption. I hoped you would have written to us before this, but as you did not I thought I would write you a few lines, which you must excuse. Tell cousin Samuel we hope he has not forgoten [forgotten] us but will now visit us, we will promis [promise] [added: to] do all that lays in our power to render your visit agreeable. you now have some thing else to think about, so you will not be offended if I do not name Wm. he will write you soon. They all join me in love to you and cousin S. [Samuel]

Ever your affectionate sister
Sarah B. Bell.

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Charlotte Ten [Tennessee]Decr [December] 8th 1837 [added: }] Mrs. Ann Jane Bell . Oil Creek Venango County . Cornplanter Post Office. Pen. [Pennsylvania]

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