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Title:[Letter] 1813 Dec. 7, Baxter Grove / Willie Blount : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Blount, Willie

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: December 7, 1813
Extent: 3p
Summary:This is a letter from Governor Willie Blount dated December 7, 1813 to an unknown military commander. He is explaining that he does not know how long the term of service for a local detachment of men is supposed to be. He also regrets the lack of supplies for the soldiers. Much of the letter discusses the movements of Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw forces; and of various US military generals and colonels.
Collection:John Cocke Papers V-J-3

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Baxter Grove . Dec. [December] 7th 1813.
Dear Sir;

I have just rec'd [received] yours of the 3rd Inst. [Instant] & now acknowledge the receipt of one of a prior date respecting the term of service of the detached Militia, & again inform you that I answered, by Majr. [Major] Scarcy , before I left Nashville yours respecting the term of service of the volunteers, which I presume you have rec'd [received] before this: as also Majr. [Major] Scarcy on the subject of Mr Hickman 's become sutler to your Army, who was to have left Nashville with [unclear: shoes ] ten days ago. — were I beyond a doubt satisfy'd [satisfied] that on the 10th Inst. [Instant] the volunteers term of service was actually to expire, I have not the authority to order their discharge or to supply their places — These two points rest soley [solely] with the President to do or order to be done; hence I could not take upon myself such responsibility. I have however as before advised, informed him of the wish & expectation of the volunteers; & asked him how their place were to be supplied in the event they were to be discharg'd [discharged]: but as yet I have not rec'd [received] his answer. I have no other instructions relative to the term of service of the detached militia than the Sec. [Secretary] of wars letter more than a year ago, requiring the 2500 to be detached for six months tour of duty. — his instructions to call them into service for this campaign said nothing about the term of service they were to serve, presuming, I suppose that they were to serve

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six months if necessary, unless sooner discharged by order of the President — I shall try to be informed by the Sec. [Secretary] of war on this subject & communicate his answer to you — I have sundry times required of the Sec. [Secretary] of war that Col [Colonel] Williams ' Reg't [Regiment] should be ordered to [unclear: ask ] against the Creeks — No answer yet — Williams is very anxious to be with you; but his Reg't [Regiment] are as yet neither armed nor cloathed [clothed] — he writes me that he would give all he is worth to be with you — I have no authority or instructions from the war Department to order aid of men expected of Col. [Colonel] Carroll to raise upon the present emergency— but have done every thing in my power to do in an unauthorised [unauthorized] way to promote success of the object.

I have heard of two companies going or being ready to go from Robertson Cty. [County] .— It is gratifying to learn that Genl [General] Cocke will join you on the 12th Inst. [Instant] & very much so to learn that Genl [General] White has given so good account of the Hillabee Indian towns — his men are brave — & he is a warrior himself — they will do their duty — If when you are ready the Enemy will do you the favor to fight you at the Hickory grounds the contest will soon be over — I don't expect that many of them will get off with whole bones. — I cannot some how think that any of your Army would be willing to return home before the Creeks are whipt & well whipt [whipped well whipped] — Genl [General] Claiborne writes me that his volunteers & detached militia, with Colo [Colonel] Russils Regt [Regiment] of US [United States] infantry are on the Last of the Alabama , some distance in the Creek country for the purpose of cooperating with you — that he has 7 or 800 barrels of flour

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provisions on the way there for you — that it will be there in a few days — that Genl [General] Hourney will do every thing in his power to aid you in forwarding supplies from orleans McKee writes me that 500 barrels of flour had been sent up the to Claiborne camp from Mobile for you, & that he [gap] use all his diligence to have more sent on without [gap] for you from Mobile — that the Chocktaws have marched against the Creeks — that the Chickasaws will shortly do so — I hope you will be supplied & strong enough soon to do might on a broad seale [seal] — You have a fine field for action & I know you will improve it to the best advantage — I dont hear a word from McGee about supplies, but believe he is busy furnishing Genl [General] Cocke untill [until] he joins you, expecting probably that Col [Colonel] Pope Ward & are supplying you under Ward s arrangement — but it is strange he did not supply you before he heard Ward was coming on —

Had you had supplies in due time ten thousand difficulties would have been avoided & more than ten thousand benefits would have resulted to the service. I have never exerted myself more than I have done to get you supplied — I never felt more zeal about the success of [a a] campaign than about this — It is every thing to Tennessee , & surely every Tennessean thinks so — I hope the Volunteers would not leave you for the world

yours Sincerely
Willie Blount
[added: A true copy
E. Foster 3 ]

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