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Title:[Legal Contract] 1793 Mar. 10, [between] William Taitt, John Gordon, [and] Andrew Jackson : a machine readable transcription of an image

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: March 10, 1793
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a contract between William Taitt, John Gordon, And Andrew Jackson. It is dated March 10, 1793, and is set to expire July 15, 1793. It involves the holding of a house, cellar, and a slave named Nelly, by Gordon for Taitt, for the duration of the contract.
Collection:John Cocke Papers V-J-3

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[added: [March 10, 1793]] Articles of an agreement entered into and concluded on between William Taitt , Merchant, of the County of Davidson and Territory of The United States of America South of the River Ohio of the one part; And John Gordon and Andrew Jackson Esquire of the County & Territory aforesaid, of the other part, this tenth day of March Anno Domini 1793

First It is Agreed on the part of the Said Taitt that he will deliver into the possession of the Said John Gordon merchandize as pr. Invoice of this date Signed by himself & the Said Gordon and [unclear: Howel ] Tatum Eqr. [Esquire] and lodged with these articles amounting, at the Philadelphia [unclear: cost ], to Six hundred & Seventy three pounds ten shillings & three pence three farthings, Pennsylvania currency as an advance of Eighty pounds Pr. Centum Amounting in the whole to the Sum of twelve hundred & twelve pounds, six shillings and six pence three farthings Pennsylvania currency, and [unclear: pirwit ] the said Gordon to have the [unclear: Year ] of his Stort, Houses & Celler [Cellar] in the Town of Nashville , [unclear: receiving ] an Equal Priviledge [privilege] in the fire rooms & celler [cellar] of the said Houses, for himself & Andrew [unclear] Esquire ; and that the said Gordon shall have the said Houses & Celler and a negroe [unclear: cosman ] named Nelly free from rent or hire until the expiration of the Tour of this agreement, which is to be consedered [considered] to expire on fifteenth of July next, unless the said Taitt should return from Philadelphia or Knoxville sooner, in which case the agreement is to expire on demand of the said Taitt

Secondly It is agreed on the part of the said Gordon and Jackson, that the said Gordon shall re-

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turn to the said Taitt the Houses celler [cellar] of Negroe (death excepted, in as good order as the expiration of this Agreement, as he receives them in, and also as all the merchandize which at that time may remain unsold, at the same price he the said Gordon receives them at as Pr Invoice and for the merchandize sold the said Gordon & Jackson is to pay the said Taitt at the Invoice price with the advance within one year from the receipt of the merchandize one half of the amount in Cash and the other half in Certificates for Military Services performed, or which hereafter may be performed, by the militia of Mero District . And the said Gordon & Jackson does further agree that the said Taitt shall have as many of the goods mentioned in the aforesaid Invoice at the Invoice prices with the advance as he may want, not exceeding two hundred dollars, to discharge such contracts as the said Taitt may have heretofore made for merchandize — It is to be Observed that the certificates herein mentioned is to be paid unto the said Taitt at the time the merchandise unsold is delivered up: And all houshold [household] furniture left by the said Taitt with the said Gordon is to be returned at the same time; And in as good as when recieved [received].

Thirdly It is agreed on the part of the said Taitt that he will Receive from the said Gordon at the expiration of this Agreement, either in person or by Attorney, all the merchandise mentioned in the aforesaid Invoice, which remains unsold in the hands of the said Gordon, and which are in as good order as when received, at the same prices as charged in the said Invoice with the advance thereon calculated [added: And]

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And the said Taitt doth furthermore agree that the said Gordon, in case he should have made any contracts payable in merchandize, previous to the expiration of this agreement which the party has not received & that the said Gordon in such case shall have as many of the goods remaining on hand as the expiration of the Agreement, as the Invoice prices with the [unclear] as will discharge such Contracts. And it is furthermore agreed by [unclear: I on ] behalf of the said Taitt that in case he does not return to Davidson County before the fifteenth day of July aforesaid and it shall then be the wish of the said Gordon to keep the Merchandize on hand at that time for any longer Terms he shall have it in his the said Gordons person so to do for such time as may be agreed on between the said Gordon and the said Taitts Attorney in fact upon the same Conditions as herein before recited subject how to be delivered within the time agreed on if requested by the said Taitt in case he returns sooner.

Fourthly the said Gordon & Jackson do hereby consider themselves bound as fully to deliver the goods [unclear] agreeable to the second clause of this agreement in case the said Gordon should be indulged with keeping them agreeable to the power given him in the last clause of article the third as if delivered at the time first mentioned.

And for the true & faithful performance of each and every part of this agreement the parties [unclear] so each of them bind themselves, their & each of their heirs executors & administrators & assigns to the other in the final Sum of five thousand hard dollars. In witness whereof the parties aforesaid have hereunto set their hands and seals this Tenth day of March Anno [gap]

Signed Sealed & delivered
in presence of }
H Tatum

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[added: P.S. It is the intent and meaning of the [gap] agreement that the said Gordon is only to [gap] washing & cooking done for him free from hereby the Negroe woman Nelly mentioned in the first article of the within agreement and no further authority over hir [her]. witness our hands & seals the day and date within written [added: Signed Sealed & delivered
in presence of }
M Tatum ] Wm [William] Taitt ]


John Gordon

Andrew Jackson
][added: John M Crory
miscellaneous calculations
J. Hunter
miscellaneous calculations
John Garner
miscellaneous calculations
Wm Cartalo
miscellaneous calculations

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