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Title:[Letter] 1788 May 7 [to] General Joseph Martin / James Robertson : a machine-readable transcription of an image
Author:Robertson, James

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Date: May 7, 1788
Extent: 2p
Summary:This document is a letter written in 1788 by James Robertson to Captain Joseph Martin regarding possible peace with the Creek Nation. Robertson wants the message of peace advertised along with the news that a road will be open and ready for people who wish to settle in Pleasant Grove.
Collection:James Robertson

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Plesant: grove:

May 7th 1788 Der [Dear] general

I should have rote [wrote] you before now but on my return home found Destressing times in the country as numbers of persons have bin [been] killed since. among those unfortunate persons ware [were] my [unclear: third ] son: I knew not what to say to you on that subject knowing you to be willing to give all the assistance in your power, but Doubtfull [Doubtful] the [unclear: confritions ] that ware [were] among yourseves [yourselves] would pervent [prevent] Doing much for us we sent Captains Hagget & Ewing to the Creeks: news have brought very faverable [favorable] accounts and we do not Doubt but a lasting [unclear: piec ] will be shortly concluded between us and that nation, the Cherokees we shall [unclear: flog ] if they do not behave well I Doubt from what Colo [Colonel] McGilvery Declared to them georgia must suffer with out the Emedetely [immediately] [unclear: interferon ] of congress: as he says he will not wate [wait] longer this month for Commissioners from Congress that he will send down five thousand [unclear: injants ] on them, that if congress will finaly [finally] fix on a boundry he James the landlord says he does not mind giving them some but he will do nothing with georgia he has declared his sentiments much [unclear: frear ] to mr Hagget than by letters which I have inclosed [enclosed] to you: I hope to be Honered [Honored] with your letter shortly and account of [unclear: thimes ]: your land on Stone River are safe I expect Capt. [Captain] Martain has informed you of the other he is grately [greatly] in esteam [esteem] in this country and has the command of the trupes [troops] at this time: as your are a frend [friend] to this country I hop [hope] you will publish the account of peice [peace] you may assure all desirous to come we shall have the Road opened and [unclear: gard ] at the [added: time] Advertised. exscuse [excuse] hast I am your scensear frend [sincere friend] and very humbel [humble] servant

J. L. Robertson
general Martain

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Genl [General] Joseph Martin
washington District
Hand by Mr. Williams}]

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