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Title:[Letter] 1827 Oct., Yorkville [to] Mrs. Sarah McClung, Huntsville, Alabama / Mrs. F. Taylor : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author: Taylor, F.

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Date: October 1827
Extent: 3p
Summary:This document is a letter written by Mrs. F. Taylor to Mrs. Sarah McClung in 1827. Mrs. Taylor writes on various topics, such as religion, parties, mutual friends, and family.
Collection:Taylor Letter
Document: sc207

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Octbr [October] 1827My Dear Sarah!

I promised to write you when I returned to Baltr [Baltimore] but as that will not be for two months to come_ I see no reason why the correspondence may not commence from this same , paradise, of Mrs. Smiths ,_ Where I certainly have much more leisure if not a greater variety of interesting matter to fill my paper_ as I make it a point of conscience to give my friends the value of postage in the quantity, if not the [added: in] quality.

As a frank may now be obtained, from the Judge, at Uncle Sams expense_ I shall_ notwithstanding my amor patrie, save you freight upon this precious cargo__

I left Huntsville with regret_ I had, in a short time, made many agreeable acqua acquaintances, and, I hope, some friends, whom it saddens my heart to think I may never see more, until the resurrection morn, when there will be an eternal union or seperation [separation] of all we most loved on earth_

Since it was not convenient, without putting others to an inconvenience, to spend the time I must necessarily remain in this state, amongst my husbands family in Pendleton _ I could wish for Alladdin's Lamp, a fairy's ring_ or the wings of a zephyr, to convey me with all speed into your comfortable hall, which beguiled me of many pleasant hours, and where I could forget or leave behind me the cold hearted selfishness and unsocial air that infested_ Spring Grove _

The roads through the Cherokee Nation were pronounced by the Judge & Mrs. Smith much worse than the Knoxville route_ and those who recommended the first recieved [received] neither thanks or blessings But there was one, and only one which pleasing ingredient which with them, make up all other deficiencies, and that was_ cheapness_ which should be a primary consideration with us all_

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Mary continues in good health, but, to her delight is somewhat thiner [thinner],_ and to my sorrow be it known, I have gained many pounds and am daily adding to my weight_ The Judge takes his rations with the best of us_and therefore, [added: may] be pronounced convalescent_ His better or rather larger half is in bed with her usual complaint headache, and for a week, we have been gliding upon tip-toe about the house, and living with closed doors, few very few venturing to disturb the solemn stillness which surrounds this hospo hospitable mansion_ However I must [added: do] the good citizens the justice to say that we have been invited to one ball_ and that a sister widow has taken compassion on my solitude and invited us to spend this evening with her_ Which like hungry beggars Mary & I greedily, accepted_ pray keep this scandal to yourself, for you know Mr McClung cannot keep any thing from his [unclear: other ] self Mr. White , and then it may get into the religious world that the religious Mrs. T_ instead of reading her Bible, as she now has ample oportunity [oppurtunity] is back-biting her dear friends_

I received a long letter from Juliana, which with one from Mrs Bolles followed me from Huntsville, both sent their love and some other messages to you_ I received here pleasing accounts of a revival of religion in Baltimore , a sister and many acquaintances were amongst the number added unto the Lord_ What a blessed change_ forty-eight members joined the church (presbeterian [Presbyterian]) of Mr. Nevins at one communion_ Mr. Allan would rejoice at the good tidings_ Don't forget when you see him to make my most respectful compliments to him_ Aslo [Also] to Mrs. Brein & Hutchin's _ Mrs. Dibb _ and Clay with any others to whom may think them acceptable_ Above all give [added: my] love to Mrs. Toby & family_ I do not forget my friend Mr Harris and the carnage break_ thank him for sending on my letters with his name endorsed on them, it assured one he was still in the land of the living_ I wish I could have the same assurance of all I left behind_

Do write immediately on the receipt of this, or employ Mr. McClung who I recollect proffered his services on the occasion. I feel very anxious to learn how his trial has terminated_

You did not give me any commissions, if I can serve you, fail not to command me. If Mary knew I was writing to you she would add her love_ take it for granted that you and Mr McClung are in high in her estimation as well as your

F Taylor

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Mrs. Sara McClung Huntsville
[added: Mrs F. Taylor
Oct 1827 To Mrs. Sarah McClung ]

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