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Title:[Letter] 1816 Jan. 12 [to] John Sanders, New York / Thomas D. Brantingham : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author: Brantingham, Thomas D.

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Date: January 12, 1816
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter dated January 12, 1816 from Thomas D. Brantingham to John Sanders. The subject of the letter is the sale of land.
Collection:Thomas D. Brantingham
Box:New Accession

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On seeing your valuable property advertised, take the liberty of Informing you that I have 300,000 acres for sale in the district of Tennessee Including the Great bend of Tennessee river Muscle Shoals &c [etcetera] joining the Creek nation of Indians well Situated fine soil climate &c, and from which can be Exported to every Quarter of the globe, down Tombigley river &c these 300,000 acres is by warrants Granted by John Sevier Esqr [Esquire] when Commissioner duly authorised [authorized] by the Legislature of the State of Georgia Said Jno [John] Seveir in agent of high respectability having [added: been] 8 years Governor of the State of Tennessee & now in Senate [added: in Congress] from said State his letter & Signature to the warrants will be warrant to be his where in he says this land farr [far] exceeds Kentucky [unclear: &c&c ] these warrants intitle [entitle] the bearer to survey & obtain

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patents from the state on paying 1/8 of 8 pr [per] acre 3 years from the date of said warrant & which warrants are blank date so will remain until surveyd [surveyed] & given in to obtain patents from that time in 3 years 1/9 of 8 pr acre will be [unclear] so will have sure safe titles__ now [unclear: fer ] these warrants 25 cents pr acre is Expected as none are now to be had_ and to take your land [unclear: evr acre ] & primises [premises] at valuation & the difference that may be to pay you in cash if this meet your aprobation [approbation] will be glad to see or hear from you_ if not hope you will not be offended at troubling you and shall not expect you to trouble yourself to reply, I have also 4000 acre in Washington County near Augusta in Georgia _ 2500 acres well situate never newburgh & the turnpike to north river for sale or Exchange for your Estate which is much like, if any of the within would do in Exchange if you think any thing of the 300000 which is very highly recommended by his Excellency John Sevier whose letter I have & would show

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you or your Friend & will warrant it & the warrants both to be the signature of said J. [John] Sevier wherever he says it his [unclear: canderd oppersion ] that it is worth from 2 to 4 8 pr acre & will become Extremely valuable is his [unclear: Expressious ] to yours

very Respectfully
Tho. D. Brantingham
[added: Jany [January] 12th 1816][added: Mr Shd [Mister Should] you write please to address for Jacob Brantingham at alderman Sawrances [unclear: &c wall Lt ] New York]

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[added: pr mail]

John Sanders EsqrSchenectaty N [New]. YorkState

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