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Title: [Letter] 1845 Aug. 8, Sominole [i.e., Seminole] Agency [to] Adam Fergusson, Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee / [unknown]: a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: August 8, 1845
Extent: 2p
Summary:This document is a letter written to Adam Fergusson in Carthage, Tennessee on August 8, 1945. The document is torn concealing its author, but he identifies himself as an "old friend" of Fergusson's who was at the time living amongst the Seminole Indians where he was conducting business. The author also discusses political affairs, particularly the condition of the Democratic party, and the recent death of Andrew Jackson.
Collection:Fergusson Papers
Box: IV-G-12

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Sominole [Seminole] Agency Augst. [August] 8th 1845 A. [Adam] Fergusson , Esqr [Esquire]

I doubt not but that you would like to hear from an old friend therefore I concluded to write you that you might know I had not forgotton [forgotten] my old associates you have just past [passed] through a great battle in Tennessee the result of which I can know nothing but I hope and trust in God that all went right with us Still I have great fears we [added: hav [have]] lost the Genl [General] assembly. I wish you to write me how the Election went off [added: in] Smith County there is no people that I am more attached to than my democratic friends in Smith County I deeply lament & pity their political Condition I [unclear: regaile ] that they are honest democrats but regret that they are in the Minority I have a faint hope it may be otherwise from the fact that our Cause is Just & must prevail I simpathise [sympathize] with you from the bottom of my heart — but a lass [alas] it will do no good

I am hear [here] doing the best I can for myself trying to make monny [money] to pay my debt I am liveing [living] among the Seminole Indians my business for the present is with them I am in good health &c [and et cetera]

I have no news to write you but Send you a piece of poetry on the last hour [gap] have [unclear: venerated deceased ] friend A Jack [gap] likewise a Song caled [called] Lucy Lu w[gap] Sung to the air of Lucy Neal this I [gap] Pass She must [unclear: have ] to play it o[gap] it is a very poular [popular] piece of music [gap] is very fine when well p[gap] [added: Give my respects to your good Lady & our friends]

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Choctaw Agency August 18th, 1845
Adam Ferguson [Fergusson] Esq Carthage Smith CountyTennessee

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