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Title: [Letter] 1835 Dec. 29, Greenville College, E[ast] Ten[nessee] [to] Thomas Abernathy, Elkton Giles County, West Tennessee / M. S. Temple : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Temple, M. S.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: December 29, 1835
Extent: 3p
Summary: This is a letter dated December 29, 1835 from M.S. Temple to Thomas E. Abernathy. Temple writes that his mother has gotten married unexpectedly. He writes about how much the local people want the railroads to come through East TN. He also tells Abernathy not to sell the land that he is managing for the Temple family in Giles County yet.
Collection:Abernathy Papers
Folder:F 13

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} Greenville,, College,, E,, Ten [East Tennessee] 29th,, Dec,,r [December],, 1835
Dear Sir

Owing to my not geting [getting] [added: home] as soon as I antisipated [anticipated] when I left your hous [house] I have not had an opportunity of writing you a full and satisfactorily [satisfactory] letter until the preasent [present] moment Whin [when] I got home to Contrary to my expectations I found that my Mother was maried [married] She maried [married] a man by the name of H,, A,, Farnsworth he was a widower but has not children [unclear: said hi ] first wife was a widow with [unclear: 3 ] sons I think he was as good to his step children as almost any man and I hope by the assistance of him who views all creation with an eye of circumspection that we may [added: be] en abled [enabled] to go on and perform the task assigned us with cherefullness [cheerfulness]. As to the selling of the Land you have in your care I am instructed to say that if can not be disposed of at this time as I thought it could probably be when I was at your house I know it would be better for to sell the Land. but under existing circumstances but some of the heirs think it would be adviseable [advisable] to defer the sale—. you will therefore in your judgement rent it out to the best advantage and make the most out of the Timber you can, as you have heretofore done ——————

I some days ago went to the woods and got you and [unclear: Mr Manessee ] some rattle Root which I have now drying and will send it on by at the firs [first] opportunity which from the — preasent [present] appearance of the weather will not be long we have in E T [East Tennessee] at this time allmost [almost] uniform good health a blessing much to be desired and and I hope will still be continued. The people here are allmost [almost] a going crazy with regard to the subject of Rail Roads which if caried [carried] into opperation [operation]

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I have no doubt but it will be of great public utility the Charleston and Cincinatie [Cincinnati] Rail Road and also the Nashville and Petersburg Rail Roads are to pass through in this part of E T [East Tennessee] and intersect some where near this if the public does go forward and complete the above contemplated Roads we will allmost [almost] be thrown as it wore [were] in the centre [center] of Market I have nothing moore [more] of importance to write you at preasant [present] pleas give my respects to your family and also to Mr. Moors and his family and all enquiring friends and be asured [assured] I am with sentiments of true regard

yours Respectfully
M,, S,, Temple
To,, Thos,, Abernathy Esqr [Esquire] }
[added: N B [Nota Bene] If any of the young Ladies should want to know how I am coming on Tell them to adres [address] a few Lines to me and I will be quite apt to Respond to them in full——————]

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Greenville College[unclear: L ] January 1st 1836 }
Mr,, Thos,, E,, Abernathy Elkton Giles County West Tennessee
[added: Mail }]

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