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Title:[Letter] 1838 Sep. 4, Oke [i.e., Oak] Grove [to] James Paine / J[ohn] W. Williams : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Williams, J. W.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: September 4, 1838
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written by J. W. Williams to James Paine on September 4, 1838. In the letter, Williams tells Paine that he has won a Senate seat and that there is a small Whig majority in the Senate for the first time. He also mentions a drought that has destroyed most of the corn crop he farms, as well as the tobacco plants. He concludes the letter by asking Paine to either manage or sell some of the land he owns to make up for the money he will lose from the destruction of his crops.
Collection:Abernathy Papers

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Oke [Oak] Grove September 4 1838
My Dear friend

It has been Some time Since I have had thay plashure [the pleasure] of hearing from you and your famealy [family] I hope you are all doing Well and Enjoying good health

I have Jest [Just] got through with a long and Warm Campain [Campaign] With my friend John Barnett for a Seat in the next Leagislator [Legislature] in the house of Senate I was Onlay [Only] Able to beat him 13 Votes hea [he] has been Shearif [Sheriff] 14 Years and [unclear: belionearing ] thay hold [the whole] time fer per motion Thay Whigh [for promotion The Whig] has a Small Majorty [Majority] in the next le leagislator [legislature] for the first time. Wea [We] are all mutch allarmed [much alarmed] in this Cuntreay [country] With hour Cropts thay drouth [our Crops the drought] has continued So long that Wea [We] think Wea [We] can not make Bread Among us Mutch Moore [Much More] to fatten hour [our] meat thay [the] fodder is burnt up to the Tasel [Tassel] Among one half of our Corn and We have Just Commenced puling hour [pulling hour] [unclear: fods ] that is left We have had no rain to do Anny [Any] good Since I lad [laid] my Corn by and that is a Geannearal [General] thing So far as I am Able to hear from thay [the] is Some [unclear: batte ] old Corn to Sell at ome doller p~ [one dollar per] Bushel and thay [they] Wont Sell but a Turn to no one peason [person] at a time and Wea [We] Shall Make No Tobaco [Tobacco] for it is Yet Standing in the patch doing Nothing

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So I cant Sea [See] How wea [we] are to get a long theay [the] next year I have been trying and all in Vain to get a power of atturneay [attorney] for you to Sell or manage theay [the] lands in your Stat in Some Way I have now Come to the Conclution [Conclusion] that to make a Wind of it would bea [be] best to get and order of Court and Sell theay [the] lands to to theay [the] highest bidder and I want your advice on that Subject and inform me what way you think would be best to manage them you and my Self Could by thay [buy the] land rather than let them go two [too] low Wea [We] then Would be Able to manage them as Wea [We] might think best you will plase [please] let me no [know] how theay [they] now stand and what is best to do with them I could Send you a tennant [tenant] and have them settled if theay [they] are not, William Jeffrey and his famy [family] is all in good health but poore [poor] Mrs Jeffrey is all Way Talking about and famealy Shea [family She] wish is to move to Your Section of Cuntreay [Country] but Mr Jeffry Will not hear of it theay [they] both look old Doc [Doctor] Williamson and Minerva when I last heard from them Was Well theay [they] have only 2 Childron [Children] A boy and A liatle [little] Girl last Two

I have no wright [right] to Complain of health I am yeat a lone [yet alone] and I think it doutful [doubtful] if I Should bea [be] Able to Change it I have met with a great

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Negro famealy [family] this Spring I have often theought [thought] my lot was a bad one but I do no [know] It Could be worse one and I am Content Give my respects to all the famealy [family] and all inquiring friends and accept of them your self

I am Y.C.
J. W. Williams

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Brown's Store N. C. [North Carolina] 7th Sept [September] }
[added: 25]
James Paine Esqr [Esquire] Giles County Tennessee Pulaskie [Pulaski]
[added: from Jno. [John] W. Williams
about Selling land]

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