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Title:[Letter] 1829 Oct. 29, Alexandria, Virginia [to] David Burford, Nashville, Tennessee / J[ourdan] M. Saunders : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author: Saunders, Jourdan M.

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Date: October 29, 1829
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter dated October 29, 1829 to David Burford from his business partner Jourdan Saunders. Saunders was on a slave trading trip and wrote about one slave who cut off all the fingers on his right hand and another who ran away. He informed Burford that the trip would not render a profit unless he recovered the runaway slave.
Collection:David Burford Papers
Document: sc134

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Alexandria Octr [October] 29th 1829
My Dear Burford

I arrived here yesterday with fourteen negroes, eight fellows two boys and four women & girls all marketable except one woman I bought for $75 in a settlement with my friend Roach I have my passage [added: engaged] and will probably depart tomorrow for N [New]. Orleans. The price of the passage for each slave $17 and my own $30_ fellows have cost me from $400 to $435 boys and girls all in proportion all with certificates I have had the misfortune to loose [lose] our first rate fellow that ran off on the 13th of September and have never recd [received] any certain account of him until I came here, I am now satisfied that he is still lurking in his former range in one of the adjoining counties on the Virginia side of the Potomac , and [added: have] been informed that I can obtain $350 for him running but it is out of my power to do anything more at present than to constitute an agent to attend to the business which I have accordingly done with directions to ship him to me at N. Orleans as soon as he may be taken_ in addition to this, I bought a fellow a few days since at $400., he was confined with another fellow which I purchased about the same [added: time,] to a tree in a gentlemans yard, and in my absence to make some further trades in the same neighborhood he got possession of an axe, and cut off all of the fingers of his right hand, a circumstance that no human forsight [foresight] could have guarded against._ my object at present is to dispose of the stock I have on hand and direct my attention to the collection of our claims in La_ I have abandoned the idea of returning to this country for the present winter unless their should be some favourable [favorable] change in the markets_ I have laid out all my

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money and sold your man for [unclear: $807 ] under the disadvantages of hard luck, I cannot flatter you with the prospect of making any thing on the trip, unless the runaway should be taken, then their purchase would afford reasonable profit_

your friend
JM Saunders

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Maj [Major]. David Burford Carthage Nashville Tennessee

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