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Barbour, James: [Letter] 1825 Oct. 24, Department of War [to William Carroll] Tennessee / James Barbour

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Department of WarOctober 24th 1825

One of the members of the Board of Internal Improvement, Mr David Shriner , having resigned and the other member General Bernard being required to attend personally at the seat of Government to objects connected with Internal Improvements which will necessarily detain him here for several months and which are considered of paramount national importance, the employment of the Board of Internal Improvement in the examination of the Westernmost route contemplated for the national Road proposed to be established between this place and New Orleans , which you were informed by the letter of this Department of the 28th of February last, would be undertaken by the Board after the other two routes should have been examined, has become impracticable.

To fulfil the expectation of Congress and to satisfy the solicitude which prevails throughout the country and particularly in those sections through which the westernmost route will pass the Department has determined to resort to the best means available of having that route examined without delay and accordingly has

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caused the performance of that duty to be assigned to Captain Poussia Assistant Topographical Engineer to be assisted by Lieut [Lieutenent] Trimble of the Army both of whom accompanied the Board of Internal Improvement in the examination of the other routes.

These officers will leave here tomorrow and will proceed in the direction of Rock Fish Gap through it into and along the valley to Knoxville thence by the most direct route that may be practicable to New Orleans; and their progress will be probably at the rate of 20 or 25 miles a day. If it would be convenient for the Civil Engineer of the State of Tennessee to intercept and cooperate with them on that part of the route passing through the State of Tennessee such an arrangement would be very acceptable and desirable

I have the honor to be,
Your Obt Servt. [Obedient Servant]
James Barbour
The Governor ofthe State ofTennessee

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