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Woods, Julia: [Letter] 1845 Feb.16, Westwood, [TN] [to] Joseph Woods, Columbia, Tennessee / Julia [Woods?]

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Westwood February 16th 1845
Dear Brother

As ma dislikes to write she desired me to answer your letter which I do with a great deal of pleasure There is little or [gap] news here [gap] I believe I never saw N[gap]stitute of news before All the news [unclear: stunn ][gap] is marriages which will not interest you unless Mr [added: ] [unclear: Lapslies ] will though that is not certain yet But he looks as nice as a new pin At Mrs Johns . M. Hills party he looked as spry and was bowing about and cutting cake for the young ladies all night Last night we heard of the burning of the steam boat (named after your favourite [favorite] novel) The Pathfinder It ran up the path [added: Yazoo] river and I believe there were not many aboard except the officers of the boat who nearly all saved by swimming ashore I forgot to mention before that Adeline Maria s youngest child got burnt nearly to death about three weeks ago while playing down to aunt Jennie s house with the rest of the children who were so frightened when she caught that they did not have presence of mind enough to put her out until we ran to the wood pile and told Bill who was cutting wood and he jumpped [jumped] over the fence and tore her clothes off but she was then sadly burnt The doctors she is a great deal better now but that will be sometime before she can walk a year at least

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Louden was bit very bad the other day by a dog when walking along behind him which you know is famous for Ma says she believes s he would be like Lot s wife Turn [gap] pillar of salt rather than quit looking be[gap] Mr Armistead has apprenticed Hunt to a shoe [gap] oposite [opposite] the ware house to learn the trade [gap] he has made a pair of shoes for Roberte Mr Branch has gone to Washington with the President and will not return until after the enauguration [inauguration] Ma and Sis Josephine sends thier [their] love to you and Daulphine says [added: my love to oncle [added: uncle] Jo ] [added: written with her own hand] And little Eliza says [added: mine too] This is rather a long letter for me so I will close I hope you will return as longer as this at any rate to

Yours Sister
[added: P. S. Excuse all mistakes for it is by candle light I write and Daught plagues me so There is one of her knocks now by that J [Julia]]

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Master Joseph Woods Care of Bishop Otey , Columbia , Tennessee

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