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Title:Copy of a letter from The Bloody Fellow in Lookout Mountain to Governor William Blount
Author:The Bloody Fellow, Author
Author:William Blount, Recipient

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Date: September 10, 1792
Extent: 3 digital images; 1 letter
Summary:A copy of a letter between Native American Chief, The Bloody Fellow, and Governor William Blount. The Bloody Fellow writes he spoke with the President regarding peace, and the encroachment upon his land. Fellow states that he spoke with Spain in attempt to treaty for peace, but is aware that this action upset Blount. Fellow argues that Blount`s people are encroaching upon his lands and threatening his people. Fellow wants Blount to force his people into peace and pay for the damages the Native Americans incurred.
Manuscript:S 366
Collection:James Robertson Papers
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>A talk from the Bloody Fellow to His Excellency Governor Blount dated the Lookout mountain Sept. 1o 1792 Friend & Brother, At this time I am in a bad State of Health and as my brother the Glass has told you the reason of our young warriors being assembled together at this time from different parts I overtook them at this place and it was a long time before I and the other headmen could put a stop to their intended proceedings as we much pitied the innocent people that must have suffered on both sides. It`s but a short time since I came from seeing the President of the United States my tracks are scarce yet blotted out, the talks we had was that we should not war with one another, and that his people should not encroach on our land_But in place of that they are daily encroaching and building on our land, this is not what he and I agreed upon; I let all my people know what we agreed upon; he was to let the different Governors know so as they might not let the people settle on our land as they have formerly done_I hear you are displeased with us for holding talks with the Spaniards or any other neighboring power, why should we not talk with our neighbors as we do not want to be at war with any body if we can avoid it. What I tell you is the truth it has give me a great deal of trouble, but I am glad it was in our power to put a stop to the effusion of blood_If you was to consider well you would see its more your people`s fault than mine by daily encroaching

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>encroaching on our Land and sending threatening talks if there is any bad people in your land that wants to hurl us I hope you`ll stop them as I have done mine and that they may live in peace one with another and hear no more of war, you`ll likewise please to send to Cumberland and let them know that it`s not our people that may do them any harm for the future as we wish to be at peace with them. The friends of the White man killer of this Town think very hard of him losing his at your place and the other fellow that was with him, if his creature was proven away he did not steal it but bought of the Creeks, therefore I think the owner ought to pay one half the value_If they are found pray have them sent to the Hanging Maws. This is all at present from Your Friend & Brother The Bloody Fellow-- To his Excellency Gov. Blount

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>1792 Bloody Fellow to Governor Blount 10th September 1792 Septemb 10

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