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WPA/TVA Archaeological Photographs
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The following people contributed to the production of the WPA/TVA Archaeological Photograph Archive site and database:

McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Tennessee

  • Dr. Lynne P. Sullivan, Curator of Archaeology
  • Lesli Rowan, Research Coordinator and Project Manager
    • Juliet Brophy, Graduate Student Assistant
    • Sandra Cridlin, Graduate Student Assistant
    • Elizabeth DiGangi, Graduate Student Assistant
    • Shannon Koerner, Graduate Student Assistant
    • Donna McCarthy, Graduate Student Assistant
    • Jamie McCuiston, Graduate Student Assistant
    • Meagan Moore, Graduate Student Assistant
    • Brian Spinney, Student Assistant

Digital Library Center, University of Tennessee

  • Anthony D. Smith, Director, Digital Library Center
  • Jody DeRidder, Programmer, Digital Library Center

University of Alabama Museums

  • Dr. Eugene Futato
  • Sam Mize

William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology, University of Kentucky

  • Dr. Richard Jeffries
  • Dr. George Crothers
  • Eric Weig, UK Digital Library Center

Very Special Thanks To:

  • Dr. Jefferson Chapman, Frank H. McClung Museum
  • Dr. James B. Lloyd, University of Tennessee
  • Miles Wright

McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture
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Digital Initiatives
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