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A Banjo Song
A Bowl of Roses
A Choice Collection of Up-to-date Songs (You Can't Repay Your Mother, You're Too Good to Lose, My Girl With The Golden Hair, "Admiral Dewey" March)
A Country Girl
A Dream
A Dream
A Home That I Love
A Japanese Love Song
A Little Farm Well Till'd
A Little Rock
A Moonlight Idyll
A Moonlit Idyll
A Mother's Love
A Mountain Pink
A Perfect Day
A Perfect Day
A Pickaninny Christening
A Plantation Medley of "Southern Airs"
A Rainbow from the USA
A Relic
A Request
A River Idyl
A Soldier's Rosary
A Summer Night
A Summer Night
A Tear Shall Tell Him All
A Tear Shall Tell Him All
A Thousand Times A Day
A Twilight Story
A Warm Reception
A Warrior Bold
Absent, Yet Present
Absinthe Frabbe
Across the Far Blue Hills, Marie
Acuerdate de Mi!
Afloat on a Five Dollar Note
African Quadrilles
After The Ball
Afton Waters
Agawam Quick Step
Ah! 'Tis a Dream
Ah! Dis-Moi…
Ah! He Kissed Me When He Left Me
Ah! I Have Sigh'd to Rest Me
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life
Ah, Moon of my Delight - from the song cycle "In a Persian Garden"
Ain't We Got Fun
Ain't You Coming Back to Dixieland
Air in Mozart's Zauberflote
Air Suisse Varie
Air Tyrolien
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Alice Blue Gown
Alice Blue Gown
Alice Gray
Alice Where Art Thou
Alice Where Art Thou?
All By Myself
All For You
All That I Ask Of You Is Love
All the Little Lovin' That I Had for You is Gone-Gone-Gone
All the World Will Be Jealous of Me
Ally Ray
Almacks Waltz
Aloha Oe
Aloha Oe (Farewell To Thee)
Alpine Glow
Am I Not Fondly Thine Own
Am I Not True to Thee
American Beauty
Amor y Perfidia
An American Heiress
Anchors Aweigh
And Gave Them You
And He'd Say Oo-La La! Wee-Wee
And They Called It Dixieland
Angel Child
Angel of the Night
Angel's Serenade
Anna Bulena
Anna Song
Annie Don't You Know
Annie Donald
Annie Laurie
Annie of the Vale
Answer Mr. Wilson's Call
Any Old Time at All
Anything Is Nice if It Comes From Dixieland
April Showers
April Weather
April, My April
Araby's Daughter
Arban Valzer
Art Thou in Tears
As The Dawn
At an Ole Virginia Wedding
At Dawning (I love You)
At Half Past Two I Will Marry You
At the Coffee Cooler's Tea
At the High Brown Babies' Ball
At Twilight
Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne
Auld Robin Gray
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Avec Tes Yuex Bleus
Avril Pose ses Pieds Lents
Awake! 'Tis The Dawn
Away Down East
Away Down South
Away! Away We Bound O're the Deep
Awfully Awful
Awfully Fly!

The copyright interests in this collection remain with the creator. For more information, contact Special Collections at special@utk.edu.