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Bachelors Polka
Back To The Carolina You Love
Back, Back, Back to Baltimore
Baden Baden Polka
Baldwin Commandery
Barbara Frietchie
Barbara Frietchie
Barbe-bleue Potpourri
Barber of Seville
Barney O'Hea
Batella from Pagliacci
Be Kind To The Loved Ones at Home
Be Kind to the Loved Ones at Home
Be Kind to the Loved Ones at Home
Be My Girl
Beatrice di Tenda
Beautiful Dixieland
Beautiful Dreamer Serenade
Beautiful Girl of the South
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
Beautiful Isle of the Sea
Beautiful Isle of the Sea
Beautiful Moonlight
Beautiful Nell
Beautiful Ohio
Beautiful Ohio
Beautiful Queen
Beauty's Eyes
Because of You
Beethovens Grand Waltz
Behind The Parlor Door
Bell Brandon
Belle Jessamine
Belle Mahone
Belle Mahone
Bellini's Last Waltz
Ben Bolt
Ben Bolt's Waltz
Benedette sia la Madre
Bertha Louise
Beside the Cross
Better than Gold
Beviamo (Gazza Ladra)
Bi Centennial Festival March
Bime, Bome, Bell Galop
Bird at the Helm
Bird of Beauty
Birds in the Night
Black Crook Waltz
Black Key Polka Mazurka
Blue Alsatian Mountains
Blue Bell
Blue Bell of Scotland
Blue Birds Bring Back my Happiness
Blue Ey'd Nell
Blue Eyed Mary
Blushing Rose Polka
Bobbin Around
Bobblink Polka
Bobolink Polka
Boccaccio Waltz
Bohemian Girl
Bohemian Girl
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine and Orange Boven
Bonnie Doon
Bonnie Little Annie
Bonnie sweet Bessie, the Maid of Dundee
Bonny Eloise
Bounding Billow Polka
Bouquets De Melodies
Brattleborough Waltz
Bridal Chorus
Bright Eyed Little Nell of Narragansett Bay
Brightest Eyes
Brissas de Estio
Brother's Fainting at the Door
Bundle and Go
But the Lord is Mindful
By the Beautiful Sea
By the Beautiful Sea
By the Light of the Jungle Moon
By the Light of the Silvery Moon
By the Sad Sea Waves
By the Waters of Minnetonka

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