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Daisy Deane
Dance of the Demon
Dance of the Harlequins
Dance Of The Honeybee's
Dancing Waves
Danse Espagnole
Danseuses de Delphes
Dark Eyes
Darling I-
Das Kraut Vergessenheit
Das Marchen von der schonen Melusine
Day Dream
De Old Folks Waiting
De Ole Ship ob Zion
Dear Heart
Dear Little Boy Of Mine
Dear Old Pal of Mine
Dear Sing Sing
Dell'aura tua Profetica
Delta Kappa Epsilon March
Deutsche Company Lancers
Deutsches Armee-Marsch-Album
Deutsches Flaggenlied
Deuvres choisies (Verzage Nicht! and Beim Betrachten Eines Souvenirs)
Deux Langages
Deux Nocturnes
Deux Pensees Caracteristiques
Deuxieme Nocturne
Die Musicanten
Dixie for the Union
Dixie Lullaby
Dixie's Land
Dixie's Land
Dixie's Land
Do I Love Thee
Do I Not Love Thee?
Do Not Heed Her Warning
Do They Miss Me at Home
Do They Miss Me at Home?
Do They Miss Me at Home?
Do They Miss Me at Home?
Do They Miss Me at Home?
Do They Think of Me at Home?
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do
Dolly Dollars
Don Pasquale
Don't Be Angry Mother
Don't Be Angry with Me Darling
Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You
Don't Fly Away Birdie
Don't Marry a Man if He Drinks
Don't Take Away Those Blues
Don't You Go, Tommy
Don't You Remember Those School Days
Don't You Wish You Were Back Home Again?
Donna, Vorrei Morir
Dont Shut Out the Moonlight, Mother
Dost Thou Remember Fairest
Douglas, Tender and True
Down Among The Coals
Down Among the Dead Men
Down in the Forest (Spring)
Down South
Down The Trail to Home Sweet Hom
Down the Vale
Down Where The Wurzburger Flows
Draw the Sword Scotland
Dream Faces
Dream Girl Waltzes
Dreaming of Home
Dreaming Sweet Dreams of Mother
Dreamy Melody
Drifting Down The River
Drifting With The Tide
Drill You Tarriers, Drill
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes and From thee Eliza
Driven from Home
Dude's March
Duke of Reichstadt's Waltz
Duke Of York's March

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